Mulberry Elgin Bag/Another Contender?


Dec 8, 2005
This is a new Mulberry that comes in various shades-chocolate, oak, lavender (yes, I kinda like this color too), and olive. Here is the oak being displayed...I actually think its quite nice. What do you guys think of this Mulberry? Its available now at NAP, but if you go to the Mulberry site, you will see some great pics of this bag.

Yes or no to this bag?


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I absolutely love that bag; I've been looking at it for some time now but can't buy another bag right now. Mulberry has some really great bags and nice colors.
The colors are great. I wore my apple green roxanne today and go so many compliments. Mulberry colored leather is really done right! I'd love to see that lavender IRL.
well, since we're back to Mulberry discussions again, I can't help but rehash on how I like the Bayswater too! Here are some new pics (aside from previous ones I've posted) of it. These pics include it in the oak, choclate, metallic, the off white (though the larger bag-picadilly), and relative size comparisons. I do like this bag...

I think I like the chocolate color over the oak brown....not sure.

I'm kinda annoyed I missed some of the major sales on this bag when it was available (from its 993 to about 397) in NM stores.


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The choco is really nice. Love the off white. The oak is pretty. Depends on what colors you are trying to add to your collection. You were looking at the tods in a color closer to the oak weren't you, Soybean?