Mulberry Effie in Oak: What say you?

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  1. Hi, I have seen the Mulberry Effie bag in the store and it's seems like a nice practical bag for college! I'm not falling in love with it or anything but feels that it would be really practical and fit my purposes. What do you guys think of the bag design-wise?

    Sorry no picts as it was a flash site, but go to to the store and select Darwin and Effie. If anyone can help me put up a pict, that would be great!

    NB. How do you put up picts from flash sites???
  2. You usually need to make a screenshot of the site and edit it in an image editor.

    Here is an image for you
  3. i see. thank you thank you thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. It's practical, and good quality. Maybe you should shop around a bit more, though, if you don't completely love it.
  5. It looks like a good, solid, functionnal bag. Design wise, it reminds me of fishing bags.

    And you're very welcome, muppy
  6. A bag should be functional but you should also LOVE it. It you're not I say look around. You will find one that suits your needs and excites you!!!
  7. Agree with Kat - you should def. love your bag! Esp. if this is the one you plan to carry around on a daily basis.
  8. I think the Phoebe is cuter!
  9. I love the look of the Phoebe! I wanted it but was undecided at the time between it and the Roxy! After a while, I kinda lost interest and went looking for a Paddy instead, lol! Short attention span.. what can I say? :shame:
  10. well, i like it, but not loving it so much that i have to go out and get one right now... I am also looking at the rosemary (the smaller version of the roxanne) but i do have the blenheim in pink (which is the smallest version of the roxanne!) so am hesitant to get another similar bag... but i love the design for that!
  11. LOL I know the feeling! I like the roxanne too. I thought you were looking for more of a shoulder bag, that's why I recommended the Phoebe! :lol:
  12. hi, just wondering, between the effie and the rosemary, which would you go for?
  13. rosemary. I love all those pockets and buckles and stuff :nuts: