Mulberry Edna chain

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  1. Hi everyone, I bought a preloved mulberry Edna bag but the seller didn't have a chain anymore and she just put a temporary chain on , here's a question would you just find a similar chain to lily bag and put it on and wear it or send it out to mulberry in the hope that they might replace it? Although it's an old style and doubt it's even possible ? If I buy a chain does anyone have an idea or links to eBay which chain would look good and in the right style ? Anyone maybe have a link or suggestion where to buy ? Many thanks ( pics of bag )

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  2. I would contact mulberry about this. They can usually replace missing or broken pets for a pretty reasonable fee.
  3. Thanks I did email them and hopefully it can be done , even any chain mulberry recommends would be good but I don't know whether they will... But will see

    It's easily detachable on this bag so I hope they can just send one
  4. good luck.
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