Mulberry Easter Lily Thread!

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  1. Per NY2005's egg-cellent idea--to carry 4 different lily bags through long Easter weekend--let's join in the fun!

    Grab 1 lily, or a whole bouquet!♡
    Do your own style, your way.

    And, please, post your mod-shots/bag only shots/whatever desired.
    For our forum to swoon about through holiday time.

    Lovely leather handbag flowers, all sizes & variations welcome.
    Plus, no pollen allergies. Brilliant. ;)
  2. Fabulous. Here's my Thursday contribution, I will photograph moving forward in a more seasonal manner if possible!!! Oxblood medium lily for one day only

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  3. Great idea ladies! I do not have a Lily, but I will droooool over yours. [emoji4]
    Thanks for starting this thread. [emoji8]
  4. Great idea. Can I add these lilies and wish you all a happy and peaceful Easter holiday...

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  5. You can borrow one of mine!!
  6. In his Easter bonnet. ;)
    With oxblood nvt lily.
    Thanks for sharing all.♥

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  7. Soooo incredibly priceless! :heart::heart::heart:Once again your loveable dog steals the show!! I'm in for Lily weekend as I already knew which Lily I'd be taking to Easter dinner out with my hubby & parents. Great idea!!!
  8. Thanks. :smile:
    Along photography session timeline, that shot is 3.8 seconds before--
    Cat finds interesting colored things on floor, dog moves, hat topples off & all sinks into chaos.

    Look forward to your lily photo.

  9. Aww. You are very kind. T[emoji4]

    Oh, I wish there was a photo of the chaos, too. [emoji1]
  10. Great Lily's ladies and once again your dog hogs the limelight. Love him/her (?)
  11. Oooooh can it be a Lily family or just one Lily for the whole of the Easter break, or one for each different day? There, that gave it all away didn't it! Yes I may have more than one! P.S. NY2005, where did you get the little running doggie from, he's so cute?
  12. The audio would have been more entertaining. ;)
  13. A single one or a family, for a day or a week. No rules, it's just nice to see what everyone has. Running dog was just on the list of icons if you click 'more' I think he was near the bottom.
  14. Here's my bouquet of regular lilies. Happy Easter everyone! :smile:

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  15. I'd love a scribble and a metallic mushroom. Lovely lilies, thanks for sharing and happy Easter.
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