Mulberry Early Spring Summer '07 Collection

  1. I just found that Mulberry released its Spring/Summer 2007 collection online - all the pictures are from Mulberry.

    It seems that Roxanne is not there any more. I'm very interested in their new model Belgrave - it has the same shape and concept as Roxanne, but looks much easier to open/close. And, I'm seriously tempted by their light color Annie and chalk color Alana! Maybe now it's time to start saving...:crybaby:

    Also, metallic furnishing is still there - look at the bronze Bayswater and Alana! (But I'm glad to see that gold and silver are gone...forgive me if you love these two colors, but they always make me 'unreal' when I carry bags of those colors...:Push: )

    Ok, here are the pics - again, they are all from Mulberry. They use flash on their website, which is why unfortunately I cannot simply post the links.
    mulberry_alana_1.JPG mulberry_alana_2.JPG mulberry_annie_1.JPG mulberry_annie_2.JPG mulberry_brooke_1.JPG
  2. More:
    mulberry_bayswater_1.JPG mulberry_bayswater_2.JPG mulberry_belgrave_1.JPG mulberry_belgrave_2.JPG mulberry_emmy_1.JPG
  3. More...
    mulberry_bloomsbury_1.JPG mulberry_bloomsbury_2.JPG mulberry_kensington_1.JPG mulberry_kensington_2.JPG
  4. More...And these are all I have. They have more pics for wallets and some other bags, but my impression is that those will be the 'minor' models,'s a lot of work to get the pictures off the website...please forgive my laziness at this hour...
    mulberry_marylebone_1.JPG mulberry_marylebone_2.JPG mulberry_soho_1.JPG mulberry_soho_2.JPG
  5. I love the Alana and the Soho.
  6. Very pretty bunch of purses. me likes!