Mulberry dreams while locked at Mercedes -mad?


Jan 2, 2009
We went to a Mercedes dealer today - and our car was promptly locked inside their car park! (the sales staff went home well before 4pm and did not think of some customers who were returning to the car after a brief 5 min visit to another dealer).
While locked and waiting to be released - or facing walking home for 2 hours - I started dreaming up a mulberry car : doors open with postman lock, Mulberry tree on the front of the bonnet, darwin upholstery inside, and a key with a metal disk with the properly fonted serial number, oak colour (non-metallic) or maybe rouge noir? The car would be delivered with the purple canvas protection cover... Daria-style alloy wheels as standard...and the only yearly service would be a good spraying with Collonil!
My husband interrupted my dreams by discovering that he can lower one of the posts - one was for some reason unlocked! Released! End of dreaming. :nuts:
Oh, and local chip repairs can be made by splodging some ink ! Birds will help, too.
If someone could add some design features to a Mulberry car, please?-
Sunday evening!


Dec 29, 2009
Washington Crossing, PA
I have an idea about the key. My car has a push start but I have a rectangular key that I slide into a small hole and then push a button to start the car. Well, why not have the key be shaped like a Mulberry Tree.

Poppy bagfan

aka Poppy Dogfan
May 31, 2008
LOVE this Korzinka! Laughed my head off while drooling over such a car!

I think we need more madness on here instead of all the attempts to rationalise our insanity!!