Mulberry does HOT colour!

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  1. Mulberry is not normally known for colour. It may have dipped its toe into colour with the Aralines but, boy, has it taken the plunge. Check out the mulberry website - - for its new bags in magenta. One hot, hot colour.
    What do you all think?
  2. I :heart: it - have asked to be notified when the Magenta Bayswater comes out. I'm in :love: with that sucker!
  3. Yes, I've seen it in person at the Mulberry private patent leather it just screams at you from a mile away. I like it better without the shiny patent coating...but it's definitely a statement bag. Like, wear all black, white, or gray and NOTHING else with it because that will be all anyone will see.
  4. It's kind of traffic stopping isn't it?! It's good to see Mulberry moving into colour but I'm not convinced about this pink. I know they did some coloured backpacks a few years ago but they were more pastel shades. Then again, if they do something in hot red then I'm first in line!
  5. Wait until you see the teal. It's amazing.
  6. Someone told me that it will be in stores in May / June. However, I saw a lady carrying it this morning.
  7. Glove magenta :heart: I have the glove rose pink and the glove leather is alot less prone to marks than the Darwin . I WILL be getting the magenta it is beautiful:yes:
  8. It's certainly a show stopping colour. It's great to see Mulberry doing something so different.
  9. Hiya, could anyone post a picture of the magneta? I cant get on the mulberry site as I dont seem to be able to get flash on my computer, and Im dying to see it! :crybaby:

  10. Mulberry quality and design + show stopping colour = an amazing combination . . .Enjoy!