Mulberry Darwin Bayswater - Oak or Chocolate?

  1. Hi - I just bought the Bayswater in Darwin leather in Oak. I am agonizing whether to exchange it for Chocolate. I did hear that the Oak ages best of all the colors and will develop a very nice patina over time. Right now my brand new oak is not as attractive as the chocolate. Should I stick with the Oak and trust that it will look better over time?

    Your advice and opinions much apreciated, especially from those of you who own either the choco or oak bayswater.

  2. I chose the chocolate in the end for these reasons:

    1) still patina's nicely ( someone on here described it as becoming as rich as godiva chocolates!!)
    2) scratches and watermarks less obvious.
    3) I just love the colour and it looks so rich- also fits well with my wardrobe!

    Your oak bag will patina and look lovely in time. I think oak is easier to wear year round.
    let's see what other opinions you get!
  3. I agree I think it looks Fab in Choc, such a rich colour..
    I have the Annie in Choc with oak trimmings, but then again I have a wardrobe of brown boots??
  4. Which colour would go with your wardrobe more (esp. coats & shoes)? Are you after something smarter (choc) or more casual (oak)? Are you bothered about stains and do you live in a rainy climate? If so, go for chocolate. If not, go for oak.

    The fact that you are not *loving* the bag at the moment suggests to me that you should change it for the chocolate. The oak will change colour over time but who's to say that you'll like that colour any more than the colour it is now?
  5. I agree with Ditab. If you're having doubts now then it's probably not the right colour for you. If you're unsure about the oak I'd change it for the chocolate.
  6. You guys are fab! Thanks for all the good advice. I am going to the Mulbery store today with my Oak(ready for exchange) to check out the choco and will make my final decision on the spot. I want a lower maintenance surface/color so may go for choc in the end.

    Thanks! Will let you guys know what happens!
  7. Hi - I just got back from the Bleecker Mulberry store. And the wnner is.....OAK.

    As it happens, there was another customer there who had her own patina'd Oak Bayswater with her and it was lovely. I am looking fwd to mine becoming more like hers over time. I also put my oak next to the choco in the store and oak did stand out more. So I am keeping my oak!

    And while I was there, I saw the new Mabel in black goat skin...heavenly. That store is adddictive!

    Thanks again all for you help!
  8. So glad you are now happy with your oak bayswater! Enjoy!