Mulberry Daria Hobo Large bag valuation

  1. Just been handed a brand new large Mulberry Daria Hobo bag in black to sell. Can't seem to find a price for this online, can someone please give me a rough idea.

  2. Here are some sold on e..y
    F5609926-DD0A-4AFF-8D1C-D450AD77F13D.png 85BC494D-F7F6-48AE-82F9-0A7803621179.png
  3. Oh dear, hope I haven’t broken any forum rules. Those aren’t live links and have all been sold. Apologies if I have done something wrong!
  4. Seems like fishing so may be frowned upon. It's easy to research prices using eBay filters. They're not worth much. I do know that.
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