Mulberry Daria Clutch

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  1. I always wish to get one Mulberry Daria Clutch for myself. I adore the design and the color. However i feel that i will only use it for certain ocassion only like a formal dinner? And i seldom have formal dinner to attend in a year. Then the clutch will be just sitting quietly in my wardrobe?

    For all the clutch owner, what else suggestion you can give to fully utilise it? If i used it during lunch at work, i think it will be too flashy right? :P

    Btw, the Mulberry clutch cannot put a lot of stuff, it will looks too stuff and bulky.
  2. Corries had a few of these, so maybe she can give you some good advice! :smile:

    I don't have one so can't say how to use it, etc. But I reckon it can be dressed up or down, depends what you wear with it!
  3. its such a lovely design but i see your dilemma! See if anyone who has one comes along and can give you some advice!
  4. Hi there
    I am new and also after the Daria Clutch in black.. I saw a picture with Katharine Jenkins with one and I am in love (with the bag.. Not Katharine lol)

    I am hoping to buy one at a reasonable (ish) price and use it most days as I wear a cape and can't wear shoulder bags with it.

    Also hopefully having a smaller bag will help me downsize my likely 2 stone weight of a shoulder bag and unecessary contents :smile:

  5. I have a Daria clutch in black which came to me via a lovely fellow Tpf'er. The leather is really soft and gorgeous but it holds it's shape very well. I have used mine mostly when going out at night & at a wedding - all occasions where I haven't had to carry a lot with me. There's no reason at all why it couldn't be used as a day-bag.
  6. Hi there!
    Thanks for the info. I have been looking online today researching this bag and didnt realise its been out for a while

    I had better get my skates on and try and find one!
  7. Betsy - good luck in your search! Don't forget to get it authenticated by the lovely ladies here to be 100% sure. :biggrin:
  8. Thanks MiniMabel :biggrin:

    Sorry to hijack this thread for my quest 'to find this bag without denting the budget..'

    I am in two minds whether to wait to see whether the item will go in the sale after Christmas? What are the chances? (i know this may be difficult to answer) and if it is in the sale could I expect 10-20% off?

    I ask because a google search showed the bag on my-wardrobe that was in the sale for £162! :faint: (sold out)

    But I really would like to use this bag ASAP and find one within 7-10 days! (I'm so impatient lol) so not quite sure what to do

    Betsy's search for the Daria Clutch bag has begun....
  9. The clutches on sale on my wardrobe could have been seasonal colours? Seasonal colours are more likely to go into the sale, than classic colours.

    I'd say if you should wait depends on which colour you're after?

    I think you might be able to find Darias in outlets?
  10. #10 Nov 28, 2010
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2010
    Hi TheaBerry

    There was a black one on mywardrobe. But have no idea how long ago the sale was. I contacted their customer service, but they havent got anymore left.

    I would love a black one

    I also like to find a bargain, but I probably have to realise that Mulberry does not = Bargain find lol

    I have tried the outlets, but a couple said that because its current stock unlikely to get any in unless damaged.

    I am obesessed!! :nuts:

    Besty's search for the Daria continues...
  11. I have this in mouse grey, pics in 'show us your daria' thread.
    I love this bag, it's my fave. I've used it loads since I got it, both day and night. I feel it looks great in any occasion. I've taken it to weddings but also on casual nights out with friends in jeans
  12. I agree that it is a gorgeous bag. It would look fab at night and great by day too. Go for it! xx
  13. I found this forum because I was desperate for Daria.. but as "desperate" was too long for a forum name, I chose "ditzy". ;P
    I totally get your obsession. And so do most of the ladies here! You're in good company.

    I'll keep an eye out for you too. Hopefully you can find something in the Outlets.
  14. smjdd - I have just searched and found the pic. Its gorgeous! I'd take a grey too

    Thanks IWantANewBag

    and Ditzyfordaria - Thanks - I hope I find one soon :smile:

  15. Hi me again!

    Just wondering what day is the best to phone the outlet stores to check whether they have the clutch?

    I had thought about phoning every hour, every day but i'm not so sure... ;) lol