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Jul 1, 2011
Interesting article, came across as a bit anti- french to me though. I wish they'd check things through before publishing as they confused tillie with alexa. I can't see them dropping their prices though
Jul 9, 2009
No way will they drop prices but maybe we will see some slightly cheaper versions of bags appearing that would be a start
Jul 22, 2013
I got into Mulberry late and I only own 2 of their bags and a purse. I doubt that I would buy another one given the recent price hikes. I got my alexa 18 months ago, have had various quality issues with her and would no way pay out over a grand for another one. I hardly use it due to its seemingly delicate nature.
I've never been into the bayswaters or the del reys, they're a bit too 'grown up' for me. I like the willow design but an open topped bag is a no-no for me. So I agree with the person who commented on the article that the bag designs are not innovative enough and the price does not reflect the leather quality any more.
The only bag from Mulberry that I would love to own is the Mila from a couple of seasons ago.
I disagree with some of the articles comments that they have become 'common'. I don't often see people with mulberrys.
It is interesting though that my Mulberrys are my some of my most expensive bags and yet they are my least complimented on. I've never had anyone say they liked my alexa. Yet with my Stella McCartney falabella or Miu Miu bow bag, I have complete strangers asking about them. I don't buy bags for compliments but if they are going to classic designs and charge what they do then they have to improve on the quality of materials and their workmanship.


Apr 4, 2012
Very good article, Bruno has lot to learn about mulberry. I hope they drop the prices so I can buy few more goodies. :smile:
I think mulberry should get rid of French guy ( Bruno) he clearly has no idea about English brand or it's people. He might as well pack his stuff and go back to France.
Mulberry need to produce its stuff in England ( not china)
Quality should be up not the quantity.
Going international ( mulberry is not ready for it)
I'm still new to the brand but just by reading history and last years Boxing Day their website keep crashing tells me company need to improve on its quality issues. I hope they listen to all of us.
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Apr 16, 2011
I thought the article was spot-on and reflects exactly how I have felt about the brand over the last year or so. I still love the designs and will buy a preloved bag if the opportunity presents (am thrilled with my new to me ink Daria tote) but there is no way I will spend anything over £600 on a brand new bag now. Resale value has fallen so much and I just feel I would be throwing my money away in the long-term. I will stick to LV now for more expensive purchases as at least I know I will recoup most of my money if I change my mind about the item.
Jul 9, 2009
Personally I would only buy a bag I knew I would love and keep so resale value is immaterial.....great time to buy second hand through as prices have fallen so much....but new ....nope only heavily discounted in the sale or a special bag for a special big birthday or something...and even then my limit is Less than £700. Given some of the outlet bags are around or over that limit there isn't much choice thank goodness so won't be tempted


Sep 9, 2013
United Kingdom
It makes me wonder, aren't the shareholders bothered by all this? And I am not talking about those owning just a few shares, I am referring to those that own perhaps 20% or more. Aren't they bothered with how Guillon is handling this? Yes, there will definitely be setbacks when you are trying to achieve a major change, dieting comes to mind, but this is a disaster!

The prices increased so much that the sale prices were the same as the retail prices a little more than a year ago! I bought a Daria satchel that hasn't arrived yet, but I am considering keeping it because I just don't know whether I'll be able to get on in the same price, ever again. And I think this is why many customers who bought sale items decided to keep them!


Feb 26, 2012
I am newish to Mulberry, but not to high end bags, they all seem to think higher prices make them well known instead of going for distinguished quality and great designs. It seems like Bruno wants to make M into Hermes and is instead running it into the ground by alienating its previous customer base.

Here in the US, department store JC Penny's had a new CEO who did the same thing. Took a store for average people with affordable prices and tried to make it trendy to attract a younger, more upscale customer base. Within a year the store was on the verge of bankruptcy and he was fired. All his plan did was drive away the store's old customers by deleting popular brands and driving up prices. The store layout was changed so that you could not find anything and in the middle was a separate cosmetics store that did not honor Penny's coupons. Month to month the same dresses were still there. They are trying to rebound after getting rid of him, but so far it is a no go.

Hopefully M gets rid of Bruno before they follow Penny's into severe financial hardship.


Jun 4, 2013
And doesn't the company net worth really reflect what everyone is saying? OMG thats a big difference!