Mulberry Dahlia hobo bag 50% off!

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  1. Shhhh I've been stalking that one for days .....along with a choc phoebe on lovehandbags and klp's choc annie on evilbay ......Arghh payday is tooooo far away !
  2. Gone ! :crybaby:
  3. Limited Edition - Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.
  4. Thank you , you are very kind ! It's only with the support of our friends that we can get through days like this . :heart:
  5. It will get easier, time is a great healer.
  6. Also chocolate.
  7. Good point (she says opening Flake)
  8. Now I know I need help , my first thought was "they have it in chocolate?"
    SJ I've already eaten a full size Fruit and Nut :shame:
  9. Ltd ed had it been removed from the site? It's just that it's still showing up for me and it let me add one to my basket (only one showing as available though)
    Might be worth keeping an eye on the site if you're still interested. And thanks for posting Sterre - you little eagle-eyed Mulberry-spotter you!!!

    I used to find cigarettes a great comfort in times of crisis. Now however I'm channelling my, inner something. Since quitting the fags my body is a temple. Well, actually I'm starting to resemble the size of a temple, so chocolates's out now too. Hurrumph :hysteric: What's a girl to do? I know, go shopping.......
  10. Oh no and they have the Dahlia tote back in too!
  11. I'm confused now ,it's back again.... it's taunting me, begging me to buy her.
    Alas she is neither oak nor chocolate , she is not represented on thine whish list ( love the way salikons spells it ) I doth protest , can it be ......thrice denied ( oops sorry , minor obsession with 'The other boleyn girl' atm )