Mulberry Congo - is it often faked?

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  1. I imagine the newer popular styles are faked, but the Congo stuff with tartan lining?

    Just wondering before I buy anything on eBay.

    Or does anyone know a reliable place to buy Congo Mulberry?
  2. I'm not aware of it being faked but that's not to say it hasn't so best to post the ebay details on the authenticate this thread and our lovely Mulberry authenticators will give it the once over. Mulberrymad and other trusted ebay sellers often have congo items so you may well find something you like!

    Away from ebay, lovehandbags often has a selection of congo Mulberry items too. Sam is usually open to reasonable offers.
  3. I have seen a lot of fake congo patterned bags with or without tartan lining (maybe not so many at ebay, but they sure exist). You are always welcome to post at "Authenticate this" thread. There a several reputable sellers at ebay who sell good congo vintage bags.
  4. Thanks very much and I'll check out those other links too. Many thanks
  5. Yes beware of that! Be sure to have it ******************!!