Mulberry Confession!

  1. Is anyone else out there prepared to confess to being a Mulberry addict? I hope I'm not alone! So far I have:

    Elgin in Chocolate Darwin
    Euston in Oak Darwin
    Brooke in Ginger Darwin
    Abingdon in Damson
    Penrose in Cream
    Picadilly in Black Darwin

    Unfortunately I can't stop at Mulberry, I am also addicted to Chanel, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Luella, Gucci, Tods, Dior,Louis Vuitton, Anya Hindmarch, Corto Moltedo and Salvatore Ferragamo and lets not even start on Shoes!!!!!!!!!!:wlae:
  2. Fab collection but don't worry you are in the right place!:smile:

    How do you find the picadilly - I want this for an overnight bag but am worried it would be too big!
  3. I'm getting there.
    Blenheim- lavender darwin
    Brooke- black darwin
    congo- kelly style- vintage bag
    Elgin- oak darwin
    canteen bag- vintage bag
    Chocolate leaf bayswater
  4. I'm so happy that we have a sub-forum finally. I only have 2 Mulberry - Roxanne and Baywater
  5. RachelA - Picadilly is huge, but somehow it just looks right! I use it mostly as an overnight bag but have used it as a briefcase for work. Forgot to mention that I also have a Bayswater, the smaller picadilly and it's just right for day.
  6. Zooba - glad someone is as crazy as me!:tup:
  7. Excess baggage - the start of a fine collection!
  8. Yeah, I think that I might have some issues!
  9. I have a totally crazy Mulberry obsession....I sell vintage clothes and bags, with many being Mulberry's....I have around 100 vintage Mulberry's in my collection........I just love them..........from the new range I'd like to add a Bayswater, Phoebe, and a few others......I have a gorgeous satchel made from darwin leather and I simply adooooooooore it:yahoo:........yesterday the stud came off:wtf: but Mulberry said they'd fix it free of charge, how great is that?:wlae:
  10. I must admit I am lusting after it :heart: I have the Bayswater and I think it is the perfect size for work.

    Have you seen the East West Bayswater - I have this and it is perfect when you don't want to take too much and it is longer in the shoulder - yeah!
  11. Wow - 100:wtf: Thats amazing - I am so jealous!!

    I have a few vintage mulberrys mostly in the congo and scotchgrain which still look so fab!!

    And yes the customer service from Mulberry is second to none!:yes:
  12. Here's my Mulberry collection:

    Bayswater - oak, chocolate, red
    Roxanne - oak
    Rosemary - oak
    Ledbury - oak
    Marylebone - chocolate

  13. Ive only got three (at the moment!):

    Rosemary in Oak
    And two aralines (Claret and Black)

    I will definately be adding more in the future, currently trying to decide what my next purchase will be; I cant decide between the blenheim, tyler and alana (if I can get one) nor between chocolate brown, lavendar, a green colour of some description and black.

    Im relatively new to mulberry but I love it!
  14. Oh dear dear dear - you bad girls. Be careful, this is a frightening addiction. I will admit to current possession of:

    3 x Roxanne (Lavender Darwin, Glove Coconut, Glace Plum? - have forgotten proper name)
    1 x Rosemary (Olive Darwin)
    2 x Emmy (Oak and black Darwin)
    1 x Bayswater (Black Congo)
    1 x Alana (Chocolate Darwin, for the chop shortly)
    1 x Elgin (Oak Darwin but not for long)
    1 x Cody (Rio)
    1 x Brynmore (Oak Darwin)
    2 x purses (Vintage Red Congo, Green ???)
    1 x wallet (Black Kenya)
    1 x purse belt (Chocolate Darwin)

    I have just eliminated 2 Blenheims and an unknown vintage gold lame evening bag.

    There may be more that I have forgotten.

    Unfortunately I have other passions too!
  15. Jenova, i am speechless!