Mulberry "coming soon" collection!

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  1. What do people think about the 'Sludge Suede Bayswater Clutch"?

    I've seen it used in quite a few magazine's fashion shoots and it looks lovely used with the shoulder bag, slouchy and luscious, but I'm just not sure how practical it really would be.

    Any ideas?
  2. #47 Aug 27, 2009
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2009
    :thinking::ninja: I :heart: that Mabel messenger! That's the only Mulberry messenger that seems to scream at me, is that wrong?? Any idea when its coming out, and if it'll be available in other colours?? Mulberry experts, in your opinion is 580 Euros a bit steep for it though? :nuts:

    Oh, and why is a bloke modelling it, does anyone think it's manly looking?? :thinking:
  3. I quite like it Ali, but at the same time I am not keen on suede being used as a clutch, I had a suede jacket once and it was a nightmare to keep clean but then again not sure if it's been treated first with something to prevent it getting dirty and wet for that matter but I guess clutches do not get used as much as shoulder bags so perhaps it works for this type of bag?

    It's definitely cute.

  4. ITA...^^^

    Gorge to look at but in practice....?
  5. Ali .. I love it. I just wish they hadnt called it SLUDGE!! :rolleyes:
  6. You see LMM, you and i are polar opposites! You asked me a wee while ago whether i thought i needed some colour in my collection.....but you know i love colours like sludge, and mist and earth and dust.....;)
  7. Ali - I think those printed suede Bays and clutches are absolutely TDF. They look totally luxurious and probably feel like heaven, but I agree that suede can be tricky and they would defo need to be treated with something to protect the leather. If I could get my paws on an emerald suede Bays at a decent (read: reduced!) price, I'd do so in an instant...
  8. I do love it .. I just dont think the name is befitting of a terribly expensive Mulberry bag. It's almost like calling a brown one POO in my opinion :lolots: Or howabout a lemon bag ... YELLOW SNOW. To me, it just sounds .. wrong.
  9. :lolots:

    I had a funnny feeling the word "poo" may make an appearance on this thread!

    I see what you mean....but i still like those words - odd as i am.
  10. It's ok .. we are all odd in our own funny ways! :nuts: :P ;)

    Sludge to me is .. annoying squishy dirty stuff you get on your shoes & the bottom of your trousers when you walk somewhere grubby. Or ... sewage. I just cant get those images out of my head when I read the name of that oh so gorgeous bag colour!! :nuts:
  11. :roflmfao:

    it is true!
  12. Hi Tash

    If you take a look at the dimensions it's quite a big messenger so that's probably why it's in the mens section but i don't see why it couldn't be worn by a woman.

    Agree with 'sludge' description being off putting!
  13. Maybe Mulberry has gone too far with its 'country life colour names' - Oak I can handle but SLUDGE! I have to agree they must have been able to find a better name for that colour - they should have called THAT Mouse Grey and called the Daria Black - because after all, it IS Black NOT Grey!
  14. That's why I like the names - i was rbought up in the country so am at home with such colours and words!

  15. Thanks for your response Jo!! I took out my tape measure, and :wtf: it is rather on the large side, here's hoping they make it a LOT smaller! It's lovely though....:girlsigh: