Mulberry "coming soon" collection!

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  1. :yahoo:Wow I have just viewed the new "coming soon" online line-up and I think it all looks fabulous!! The hats (classic and stylish), gloves (bayswater glove.. has this been done before?) and smudged leopard print are all so very exciting! love the roxanne satchel as well... so many options. What does everybody else think? :heart: Is anything going to be added to the wishlists?
  2. there's couple of small things what i would love to get :biggrin: finally. I've been at the miu miu section because i didn't like the new bags what mulberry now offers at "new season".

    Hey any idea is mulberry cheaper at copenhagen? Heard that lv is a little bit cheaper there.
  3. Its not in the 'Coming Soon' section, or even on the website yet actually - but I've just seen a Greyish Blue Suede Bayswater and a Greyish Blue Suede Croc Print Bayswater Clutch in Marie Claire magazine and they look nice.

    I'll try and post some photos later.

    Out of the new stuff, I like the new Leopard Print and the Red Croc Bays Clutch. I'm not sure about the Roxy Satchel, I don't think it looks as nice as the old Blenheim.
  4. Not liking the new collection at all. All I could think of adding my wishlist is a cahsmere logo scarf... I prefer the older styles, being a bit boring I know....:nuts:
  5. The vat is higher in Denmark than at least in Finland... So I would assume the price is same or higher in Denmark...
  6. I saw those, too, Ali. I just thought they were grey croc print suede, though, which I think I've seen before.

    And you're right about the Roxy satchel. I really liked it when I first saw it, but when I did the close up, I though a) hmmmmm, not sure about the leather and then when I checked the measurement I though b) HOW MUCH??? It's just an updated Blenheim, isn't it? Which was 300 quid, if memory serves :wtf:
  7. I do not eather like the leather of the roxy satchel at all... If it came in darwin I would buy it immediately..
    If I recall it right the blendheim was £400. In Finland it cost 595€.
  8. I think the Blenheim was originally £295 or £350, Rosemary £495, Roxanne £595 :thinking: Something like that, anyway :biggrin:
  9. I was sure the blenheim was £395 but don't quote me on that!

    Loving the leopard print stuff form the new collection :yahoo:
  10. I would have said the same.

    I think the 3 sizes stepped up by £100 each time.
  11. Oh, ok. I just remember them always being £197 at the outlets and was assuming that was 30% off... but of course, it was 50% :Push:

    Either way, £395 up to £650 seems crazy :wtf: :nuts:
  12. I like some of the new collection but feel the prices are very steep.

    At first I thought the roxanne satchel would be cool but its far too expensive and i'm not sure I like the oak in the spongy leather.

    I love all the rouge noir bags and also some of the greenish ones.
  13. Isn't the Roxanne Satchel rather a lot bigger than the Blenheim or am I reading the dimensions on the website wrong?
  14. I was very disappointed with the “coming soon” collection.
    Being a “shoe girl” I was particular looking forward to see their new shoes, but the only one I could see myself wearing is the Hala knee boot, most of them have a heel that I dislike a lot.
    So far the only thing I want is the purse belt :biggrin:
  15. So true, I have just checked the leather on the satchel and I too would have bought it if it was in Darwin. what a shame. I have a blenhiem and I love it but I do not think I will buy the spongy roxanne (unless very cheap on sale!!! and not the oak one) I can not yet bring myself to move away from Mulberry :heart: