Mulberry colours

  1. Hi everyone...Im a noob so please help:rolleyes:

    Im looking to buy an emmy bag and Ive found one on eBay in looks great and im about to bid but I checked the mulberry site and theres no olive ones on there an olive one in production? They also have a roxanne in ginger which I havent seen before,, can anyone help?


  2. I think ginger is a this seasons colour - is it quite orange?
  3. yes, it looks a very autumnal orange...I thought theyd made a mistake and it was oak but it is too orange to be oak
  4. can anyone help with the olive about to bid and I dont want to get it wrong:Push:
  5. I've seen a lot of the olive on eBay and other sites, but I have not actually seen olive on the Mulberry web site. They have 1 bag currently shown in a khaki. I would look at their site first!
    Good luck:shrugs:
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