Mulberry Colour

  1. There has been talk of Mulberry bringing some exiciting new colours in for the spring/Summer range 2008.

    Just wondered is there a colour that you would NEVER carry whatever the bag, for me its orange even if somebody gave me one (very unlikely!!) wouldn`t carry it.

    So what colour do you hate and would never carry??
  2. I don't really have a colour, but would never carry the zebra bayswater.

    Will be interesting to see what they come up with. I would not buy a coloured bag without seeing IRL. I work with a girl that has a gorgeous turquoise bag she carries with a black and white outfit with turq jewelry. She looks great!! Very chic! I would have never thought about that cus I'm too boring......
  3. ^^^^ Forgot one, don`t do yellow either-Yuk!!!!
  4. Tara, have to agree, no yellow or orange bags for me! Especially a pricey bag.
  5. I agree! No orange bags for me. Yellow depends on the shade- some can be too harsh.
  6. Great thread Tara! OK, I would NEVER carry animal print - just can't do the Bet Lynch look!
    Funny though, I'm always really drawn to the ginger bags every time I go to Shepton and that's an orangey colour - and I have tangerine Araline.
    Yellow is a definite no-no and I probably wouldn't carry a blue (navy) bag. Not too keen on pure white either and I would quickly move on past a beige bag.
  7. I would never look at a bag with animal print (10/10 dislike),not a major fan of orange or vibrant pinks (8/10 dislike). Having said that I could admire orange or vibrant pink bags on others,but would NEVER admire animal print on anyone. Absolutely love green, any shade, any amount. Would love a green mulberry bag.
  8. I don't like any really vibrantly bright colours because I prefer Mulberry's more traditional looks, and bright colours generally feel "high fashiony" to me. I particularly don't like yellow :yucky:

    I'm not sure about zebra print; I usually hate animal prints but I reckon zebra could look OK with the right outfit, especially as the Baywater is a really elegant understated bag which sort of balances the print IYSWIM.
  9. Chaz I love you dearly, but I would never carry a pink bag.

    I'm a dishwater blonde and pink just looks soooo wrong on me as does lemon.
  10. I kind of thought that about the zebra bays,could look extremely striking with the right clothes,I think you may have to be six foot tall and very willowy to do it though, don't don't,don't like the leopard print at all.But strangely I have always liked zebras,maybe its cos they look like little stripey horses with hogged manes!!

    Thats ok riff,until a few months ago I could never,ever have imagined myself with a pink bag either!!!xxxxxxxxxxx
    I'm not a lover of lemon though,or may yellow tones,except canary yellow diamonds!!!:drool:
  11. Oh,and I'm not sure I could ever carry a bright silver metallic,I know its not strictly a color,but I would'nt carry one!!
  12. ^^^^ Another colour I like but couldn`t do as It would drive me crazy is white.
  13. As it comes to leather bags I just can´t see myself with anything orange, yellow, white or navy blue. I like orange and dark blue when it comes to fabric materials though.
    And all animal prints would make me feel (and look) like a clown:rolleyes:!

    I wont say no to a red patent Mabel which is a very surprising:wtf: recent mind change:tup:!
  14. Mmmm,I came across a silver goatskin Hanover in M/C that I promised to post a while ago,and I found it today. But in Selfs they have a whole section devoted to white bags,Roxys,Bays,Hanovers etc,all with silver hardware,looked very,very nice but white would drive me insane,I would be so bloody precious about it I would annoy myself.And I don't spend £600 quid on a handbag to feel like that!!! I can't help but feel a bit denim skirt white stilletos about white bags kwim??

    I can't upload the Hanover pics,the resolution is too high to get them to go.Sorry!!
  15. Never thought about it before, animal prints are a no-no, gold or silver..also and that includes shoes :throwup: I like some of the bright colours like yellow, orange, blue ect... but would worry that I would have limited use due to colour clash, earthy natural tones are so flexible.