Mulberry collection complete?

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  1. I believe my M collection is complete now. Until now I thought I still 'needed' an oak East West Bays to complete, but I just realized I still have these two:
    (Coach and Longchamp) as perfect neutral shoulder bags. So really no more need for another M bag. Which is a good thing, because I am now concentrating on Bal...

  2. Wondervos - M collection complete? :giggles:

    I think a few of us have thought that and been proved wrong!! :lol:
  3. Bags are never about "need", just wait til next season!

    Although from peeking at your Mulberry album just now, you do have some stunners already.
  4. My album is not complete, there are a few more... and I'm not concerned about the new season, it's the oldies that I like best!
  5. You already have a lovely collection, but complete :amuse:

    That's what I think everytime I buy another M bag :graucho:
  6. That's famous last word for a lot of us.... been there & done that :P
  7. Don't tell me you can never too many M's I am just starting to look:smile:
  8. I always believe I have enough then another style seems to creep up behind me and I decide I might test run it, however I have also been adding a few makes to my handbag habit and I am passionate about my bal's too!
  9. I sort of feel I have enough now too as I am not using enough some of the ones I already own like Mabel and Rosie, so if I had any more it will become more difficult to rotate them to justify the cost! I do get bored easily though so figure if I get any more I will simply have to sell one or two that I don't really use. I also get seduced by new colours and styles so will find them hard to resist - already cannot wait for eggplant Bays and also for Edie to hit the outlets!
  10. What a familiar tale!! Only today, I thought I'd better use my orange Mabel, as it's one I've not used lately. The minute you think 'that's enough', another one comes along and takes your fancy....
  11. I don't want mine to be complete because I enjoy looking for 'The One' so much!!! (The one changes every couple of months so I'm ok :shame:smile:
  12. So, you don't believe me, huh? Could you at least confirm my belief that I really don't need an oak east-west??:P
  13. Wondervos, you don't need an oak east-west! But if you stumble accross one, don't let it get away :amuse:
  14. Wonder once you start using the Bal you will soon be reducing your collection! I am down to 8 Mulberries now, and I can see that coming down as I identify further bags for the door!
  15. OK, so I found one more... I happened to 'stumble across one' as DD put it. And finally I decided to give in to temptation, as I knew I wouldn't stop looking for one... 1 oak EW Bays is on its way to me!:happydance:
    And that means my M collection IS complete. (I know nobody believes me...)