Mulberry Clearance at Nordstrom

  1. While shopping the anniversary sale, I stumbled on a table of Mulberry's 60% off!

    Bayswater, Phoebe and 2 other styles that I don't remember the name of. They had a great color selection, too. And, it is double points time!

    I walked off with a beautiful chocolate phoebe!
  2. Dammit, I wonder if the Roxanne I bought went down further?

    I guess I shouldn't complain. I got it 50% off, but 60% is better:lol:
  3. ^^^ He he!!! That 10% could go towards another handbag, LOL!
  4. That's right! :angel: Crap, I hate that! Especially when 10% is $100+
  5. If you bought it within 2 weeks, you can get an adjustment at Nordy's--just ask the SA.
  6. ^:wtf:Really? Thanks :love:

    I purchased by phone in Canada. I wonder if they'll still do it?
  7. which nordy's did you go to?
  8. Did anyone see a black or oak bayswater?
    Can order over the phone as there isn't a nordy's in the NYC? Thanks!
  9. ^^ I saw a chocolate brown baywater and a tan colored one. I don't think it's oak, but it could've been. I didn't check the ticket for any color specifics. Also, these were all the tooled style with the studding and subtle flower design on the flap closure.

    Call 410-296-2111. This Nordstrom store had a lot of the Baywater totes on Friday and they should be able to help you out with colors.

    Black definitely was not available at my store.
  10. Thank you chipoman81! Will put in call today! Oh I'm sooo excited! :yahoo:
  11. Thanks - I went to the Towson Nordstrom and bought a black Blenheim for $249 (approx). Such a deal! They had a lot of Tooled Bayswaters - but I already have one, so I passed - don't need another of the same in a different color.:yes:
  12. Aarrrggghhh - wish I had never read this thread! LOL! :lol:

    I had already been to the sale once, and decided there was nothing I couldn't live without. Because of this thread I went back today to see if they hadn't come down further on the tooled Bayswater at all.

    While the Bayswater is still $800 at my Nordies, what I did find was a Phoebe in chocolate for $475 - been wanting one in that color. Oook! Bought it, of course :girlsigh:

    I'm supposed to be saving my $$ for an Elgin in black. :Push:
  13. Hey everyone! :yahoo: OK, I am seriously considering a Mulberry bag if Nordstroms has great pricing. I wanted to ask about a few Nordstrom locations to see if anyone has seen anything.

    San Francisco - Sacremento - San Jose areas

    I'm going to be going to CA I believe next week, and I'll be in these 3 areas. If anyone knows if there are Nordy's in these cities that have Mulberry on sale - let me know what you saw....I know I'll definitely be at Market Street and going to the Winchester House in San Jose.

    Chicago Illinois area

    If anyone knows what the Chicago Nordstroms on Michigan Ave has, please give me a heads up. Also wondering if the Nordy's in Old Orchard might have some.

    I see that Net-A-Porter and have some models on sale too, but I'd rather get a better deal at Nordstroms if I could! I'm liking the following models: Rosemary bag, Gerlinda Bag, Tooled Bayswater, Elgin, Tassel Phoebe and Blenhiem(even though it's a bit small for me), and I even like the canvas Roxanne with purple trim...just wish it came with a shoulder strap! :girlsigh:
  14. There is a black phoebe and black rosemary bag on sale section right now! (7:30pm central time) The Rosemary is like $496! Great deal if you like black bags! Save another 10% with code Shopjuly.
  15. If anyone's interested Intermix has mulberry bags marked down.

    There's a mauve colored darwin roxanne for only $359 marked down from $1195 and a beautiful butterfly bayswater marked from $1395 to only $419!

    There are so many other ones. Unfortunately they are all final sale.