mulberry chocolate

  1. Evening all, Im needing some more advice!

    Im thinking of getting a chocolate ledbury sometime soon, but am concerned about the versatility of the chocolate colour :s however I love the patina that it develops in time :tup:

    For those with chocolate bags, how versatile is it, and do you use it when wearing black? I would generally avoid pairing black and dark brown together but was wondering whether i could get away with it with chocolate :s

    thanks :smile:
  2. I`m the same would never wear black with a brown bag , but maybe you would get away with it if the bags a Mulberry:smile:.
  3. Personally I wouldn't mind using my chocolate Rosemary when I'm wearing black and I have done already :smile: ... i mix and match with a lot more 'odd' combinations I tell you :nuts:
  4. I have avoided brown with black in the past but I think it works if you're careful. eg brown shoes with black everything else looks a bit weird but black everything with a brown bag can look good. Obviously tan (or oak) and black are a match made in heaven but I think chocolate can work well, too. It just has to look deliberate.

    The chocolate darwin is such a lush, rich colour that black offsets it perfectly. My choc Elgin is in such good condition. I've only put Collonil on it a couple of times in the 15 months I've had it but the rain doesn't really bother it. Certainly it's never gotten a watermark and it wouldn't stain in the same way as oak does. I love chocolate darwin so much :heart: I'd definitely recommend it.

    Seems like you're set on the Ledbury - I haven't seen that in chocolate irl although I think rachiem has one - but the Alana in chocolate is gorgeous (just to further confuse you!).
  5. I think there are certain browns that go with black. And the chocolate from Mulberry is one of those. I think chocolate is a classic, iconic color -- and I don't like matchy matchy I happen to love carrying a brown bag with an all black outfit. Must have black shoes though. When do you this look, the brown bag with the black outfit, you look totally COOL.
  6. oh yes- I wear my choco bags with black all the time!!!!
  7. You know,I was always like that,thats why I went for a black Annie,but before that,as someone pointed out,if you do it right you can wear choc with black.My choc Roxy looks really cool with black,(but everthing else black as Hula and Dita have both said)but she's getting such a dark color and patina now,she's not as light as new choc bags.I was suprised when I did a comparison of her with a new one in Selfs!!!

    But,I also find my oak Elgin looks really good with black too,but as long as everything else is black it looks really cool and striking!!!
  8. I have worn my choco Alana with black before and despite my initial misgivings it looked great. I tend to wear coloured jackets and coats so it doesn't generally matter but I have one black coat that I figured wouldn't work with my Alana.

    This however was all before my Alana was chewed by the dog and she has currently been packed away as I don't think I can look at her again (the handbag that is, not the dog!).
  9. Wow thanks for the replies everyone... youve given me confidence to get the chocolate, which is what I needed prior to making the purchase. Ive got to wait until february... I cant wait!
  10. I used to be the kind that didn't like mixing black and brown, but after getting a couple of chocolate Mulberrys I find myself mixing away because I can't help using them! I say go for it! :tup: