Mulberry chocolate bags

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  1. Hi, just a quick question about mulberry bags in the chocolate leather. I've been looking at lots of pictures of them & some pictures look so dark almost black. I am hoping that is the lighting. I haven't seen one IRL, are they really chocolate color ? Maybe I should ask are they milk or dark chocolate ?! I've just ordered a pre-owned one & hope it really looks brown not black! Thanks for your expert opinions!
  2. I have just bought a chocolate leather bag and i would say it is nearer to Milk chocolate, but a little darker maybe. It is dark brown but would not be mistaken for black at all. i think it was the lighting of the picture you were looking at. I think the mulberry site shows the brown pretty much how it is..
  3. I would agree with Sue - I would say somewhere between milk and dark, but definitely chocolate!!.....:smile:
  4. More Bournville than Dairy Milk :amuse:
  5. My chocolate Darwin roxy definately looks brown not black. But perhaps the lighting can affect the shade. Here are 2 pics of mine, I think you can see a difference. In one she looks more dairy milk and in the other more bournville :P


  6. Thanks all, glad to hear it ! I have chocolate boots the bag needs to match....Can't wait to get it!
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    Definitely not milk....but here are a few chocs in full sunshine....[​IMG]
    New NVT Roxy, not new Rosemary, Blenheim, Ledbury and coin purse charm all darwin.....
  8. Chocadooby moo!

  9. Chocoholic's heaven! :smile:
  10. whoa! nice chocolate family, Moo
  11. Wow Moo - beautiful choccy pic.

    Can't wait to see your reveal Ally.....
  12. Wow Moo - gorgeous chocolate family! :love:
  13. Lovely chocolate collection.:smile:
  14. Thanks for this picture ! Just stunning.... I love them !!:graucho:
  15. Thank you ladies. :ty: