Mulberry CHAT Thread

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  1. Sad to see it so dead in here this used to be such a great forum JC killed it and the brand
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  2. i have one more Lily coming in, as per tracking, it will be here on Sunday, so i am gonna have my second reveal in a week :smile:
  3. Can anyone tell me, please, why some mini Lilies come without interwoven leather in the chain?
    are they outlet pieces?

  4. Hi Elvis, good to see you. Hope you are doing well. :smile:
  5. Just want to say hi. I got my first Mulberry this past weekend -- a Clifton in Rosewater. I am in love with the understated elegance of the brand and hope to add more Mulberry bags in my collection : ) Really glad I finally gave this label a try. I felt like i won a million bucks -- the quality and craftsmanship, the feel of the leather, everything about the bag i got was just amazing. I am shocked at the low price too (when compared to other bags I was looking at). I wanted a summer-y pink-ish/nude-ish bag that was casual but not overly so. The options I had included the Gucci Marmont bag, a Prada bag that had similar quilting (i think it was a camera bag), and a YSL camera bag, or YSL LouLou bag. Not hating on any of those other bags, but for the pricepoint, the Mulberry was the most luxurious looking bag, with the most effort in stitching and quality. I was just very impressed. /rave
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  6. Was there a price increase? Just looked at the website again today, and the heritage bayswater increased from $1299 to $1450 in the US...
  7. I'll have to take a look as well. At one point I remember it was cheaper to ship from Selfridge's to the US, though coordinating the shipment receiving through DHL was difficult. But the bag arrived beautifully boxed up and safely.
  8. Hi there, I saw that as well; the only reason I hesitated buying big ticket items internationally is due to customs. Not sure how much you'd have to pay for leather products.
  9. Hi Ladies :heart:
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  10. Hi wee drop! How are you?
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  11. Good thanks, the house extension is all finished (finally) and things are quiet :flowers:
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  12. Glad to hear this! Hope the construction work did not cost too many nerves. :smile:
  13. Not too many :giggle:
    I hope all is well with you and everyone here :flowers:
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  14. Hello. Does anyone happen to know if the mini zipped Bayswater is larger than the nano Celine luggage? The dimensions indicate it is, but does anyone have both, or have seen both, to confirm?
  15. I haven't caught up on Mulberry posts in a while. As I recall, Selfridge's covered the customs. I don't recall having to pay anything beyond their shipping price to the United States. Now, it was a bit of a pain to coordinate delivery, as DHL doesn't deliver here as often as UPS does in my experience, but it worked out in the end.

    On another note, I was consignment shopping today and carrying my Alexa, which I purchased in January as the last ones were being sold. I was shocked to see an Alexa in Darwin leather at the consignment store - shocked because Mulberry doesn't pop up much in California on the secondhand market. I don't have the experience to decide if it's authentic, and I didn't ask to snap photos. I ended up walking away from it for a few reasons, and am curious if any of you have experience of this to chime in:
    -screws on the front plate were not symmetric, but on the back they were
    -Made in England on the inside tag looked a little wonky; had an X sewn on the back
    -care cards were white printed on black, whereas my other bags, all more recent, are grayish printed on white
    -dust bag had a black Mulberry tree printed on both sides of a white bag. My more recent bags are gold trees printed on a gray bag.
    -the bag was in good used condition - so it seemed real enough to somebody. But this is the poor logic that makes me get fuzzy-headed inside consignment stores!

    I hate thinking I walked away from a good deal - do you think it could be real? The SAs were no help. They assume everything that comes into that store is real.

    P.S. I see an old post from Lakrits saying that Alexa wasn't made in Darwin. Did that ever change?
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