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  1. agree with you on Jane Norman RR- mind you - you have to be weeny to fit in their clothes- I have a close friend who is 38 and wears nothing else- and I do so want to tell her to dress her age- everything is so short and tight- and thats her workwear but thats just me being a fuddy duddy- she has just got married and not calmed down at all!!
  3. Thankfully I have never had tinnitus but can imagine that it is horrible. In my younger years of going nightclubbing - I would come home and try to go to sleep and I would hear a ringing in my ears. If it is like that on a permanent basis it must be hard to live with.

    If anyone has read The Southern Vampire Chronicles the main character, Sookie, never has silence in her head - as she can hear other people's thoughts. Only in the company of vampires does she have silence! But...I digress.

    LadyBo - as regards the dribbling - you only think you got away with it. When the aromatherapist was clearing up after you left, you can bet she saw the puddle of drool. Lol. :biggrin:
    But I also bet it was not the first or the last drool that she has seen!

    EDIT - I knew I was right - have just seen Ratrat's post!!!
  4. :drool: :lol:
  5. Interestingly, my DD has always hated Jane Norman and wouldn't be seen dead in anything from there, she won't even step inside the shop. She's always inferred that it's a certain type of girl who wears JN clothes, iykwim.
    I think Top Shop, Miss Selfridge, H&M, and New Look are safer bets if you can steer her in that direction. Trouble is, I think JN is a bit of a cult amongst some teenagers so it's probably peer pressure more than anything else.
  7. Glad I'm not alone! Mmmm 38 is a bit much for JN - she must be very proud of her figure or something I guess??

    Yes, Abercrombie/Hollister I could accept (expensive though!) but for JN, my DD's figure is not suited at all, but I cannot really say like that :biggrin: - I shall keep her in normal high street shops!!
  8. I am not keen on Jane Norman i think New Look H and M Top shop etc is better, i see the teenage girls going to school with their JN carriers so it must be THE thing luckily i only have a DS.
  11. I agree Riff buy some decleor for sm it worked well on my appendix scar and my laporoscopy scar!

    Diane what a lovely company I bought some stuff from QVC x

    Just read what happened with the shunt, at least the operation is over and done must be a weight off their mind to a degree. Have the knocked her out or is she awake having to stay on her back?

    My dd had tonsillectomy and andectomy tonsils and addenoids out after was so awful poor mite kept crying and coughing so I had to go down to recovery and she couldn't stop working herself up so made her bleed more, It was worse then I thought and was so difficult dh was at home with ds who was 3 weeks old, think the baby hormones weren't helping.

    Anyhow they forgot to put grommets in so dd going for a operation on 17th Match for grommets, I know it is a simple procedure and nothing like the sm's but I still worry.

    Fingers crossed sm is not in any pain!

    You are now our medical guru ML x

    Lorelei I have a bone to pick with you, I have now become a regular at the Hotel Chocolat shop in my town arghhhhhhhh nooooo so much choice!
    Thanks for the laugh. i think we have some TPF from Germany here x

    I love haribo pasta it's like sour mini belts i bought them in Mexico but cannot find them over here maybe the German site has them!

    LadyBo my mum was awful to me today and I ended up crying into my blueberry muffin it helped x

    Riff personally I have never shopped there even when I was younger I too think they are slightly tarty even Topshop is better imo.
  12. Hi all.

    I've just asked my dd (15) about JN and she said she doesn't really like their stuff. One of her friends used to and I must say she has worn some odd things in the past, which says it all. Not my cup of tea I'm afraid. My dd wears lots of striped tops and quite a lot of black, although not at all the goth look and she is beginning to buy other colours a bit more now.

    Have my parents with me this week and my dad's hearing aid stopped working - he is more or less deaf without it, but luckily we managed to get it sorted out today as it was quite hard work!
  13. Glad things are a little more sorted Riff.

    Hope you're feeling more positive now Elvis.

    I think reflexology is great - no idea why it works, but it does seem to help.
  14. Thanks for the well wishes, not better, but not worse either. Hopefully it'll stay the same tomorrow. Going out for a meal with work at a lovely fish restaurant!

    ratters, had to laugh! Yes, I can drink a bottle of wine and still feel I could drive a car perfectly (will never try that theory though!)
    elvis, perfect timing on your Liz Earle order!
    fuzzog, depends on which temperature it has been stored in. Only way to find out, is to open it though ;)
    riff, happy to hear the op went well. Hope her scar will heal well=)
    Lorelai, hope you order arrives safely! Have you got any plans for tomorrow?
    snow, hope you and your parents have a good time!

    I'm home alone, watching some new episodes of my various tv series and baking bread. BF out with the boys eating burgers and watching football.
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