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  1. Get the first and second links. Thats what I've got and I've had no problems :smile:

    And, basically, I can have either horse riding lessons twice a month or I can have another bag (two lessons a month for a year is £700!!). I love riding and I want to start again but I also want my Alexa!! Ahh decisions...
  2. ^
    Okie dokie, thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate it very much! :biggrin:

    This is me too! I used to ride all the time but I had to stop due to a back injury, now all the money I've saved not riding I can use to buy bags :graucho:
  3. spare time at the airports are dangerous :lol: I looked before effie satchel and it seemed to be too big for me. Well, I tried it on yesterday and it's perfect!! :sweatdrop: my poor poor bank account...
  4. where are M bags made in? I just got my first M bag & it's made in Turkey? :coolio:
  5. Mulberry bags are made in turkey, china, Spain and the uk. It's just pot luck!

    PS. Welcome to mulberry & congratulations on your 1st. What style did you opt for?
  6. I've just seen a pic which has totally made up my mind what my next purchase will be. It's strange how that can happen!
  7. And what will it be Laura? :thinking:
  8. I'll keep it a surprise for now, hopefully there will be a reveal in the next week or 2!!
  9. Now you've got me scanning for recent pictures! Exciting and looking forward to it ;)
  10. Haha!

    I'll give you a clue, despite how much I've been going on about it... It's not petrol in colour!
  11. Looking forward to seeing it - whatever "it" might be :smile:
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  13. oooh yeah gorgeous! go for it!

    And I got the exact details of my student grant through and I'm getting the full amount so I'm getting just over £1000 a term! :happydance:
    New York is going to be quite amazing I think!!
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    Thanks Lauren_T.

    I hope the leather of Mulberry will be good :smile:
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