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  1. Yep - the high end market has gone completely MAD with prices hasn't it - but surely there has got to be a point where they put a ceiling on it all - and these price hikes can't really be justified can they? - what luxury "extras" are we actually paying for? - its not as if the arm candy in question comes routinely embelished with solid gold and precious stones!! - otherwise it'll become the case of chosing between a handbag or car!!!! (no contest!!!!:biggrin:)....
  2. Glad I'm not alone on the footy front! Although last night I got home to find OH on the computer with the TV in that room on.....showing footy. Foul!
  3. Naughty - he should officially be sent off!!!!:biggrin:
  4. Hello ladies! I shall be joining the Mulberry masses shortly with a lovely black Bays! :yahoo:
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    Congrats to your new Mulberry Addy! :flowers:
  6. Thank you! I shall post pics this weekend :biggrin:
  7. So today I found out that uni students can get 10% off at Mulberry outlet shops - I am so excited for uni now!!
  8. Yes you do! You get the discount for Collonil as well :smile: I've asked at other stores at Bicester but Mulberry seem to be the only one :smile:
  9. Ahh brilliant. Bring on September! I said to my mum "you're going to be so pleased that i can get 10% at the mulberry factory" but she gave me quite a concerned look so I better not get another one too soon!

    Also, I've been reading about 'subs' and "00' and "0" and i'm not quite sure what they mean? I know they cant be posted out to me but as I am now a uni student I'd like to get regular alexa in a classic colour cheaper than buying brand new. I love a bit of Bicester too, shame its so far away and I can't drive!
  10. If you go to the Mulberry Shopping sub forum and go to the stickies thread called Mulberry Cut Through Labels - have a read from the beginning and this explains what subs, etc are. eBay can be good to find preloved classic colours but make sure you get authenticated here. Any classic coloured Alexas that the outlets get tend to be subs, which can't be posted out.

    The other option isn't cheap but cheaper than full price is to wait for one of Harrods 10% off weekends (you have to register for their Rewards card).

    As it's a classic colour you're after, not a seasonal one, you can give yourself a little more time to save up as it's not going anywhere.

    I'm so sorry but, at the risk of sounding like your mum, make sure you have enough money for student life! :biggrin: Having said that, I had more money as a student than I did when I first started working! In case you were wondering, I have a student card because I'm now studying for professional accountancy exams, whilst working full-time and weirdly enough could apply for an nus card as well! Happy days!
  11. Oh to be young and carefree (and entitled to discounts!) again - seems an age (ice age, that is) since I was at Uni!!!!
  12. Ah ha! - Cupcake the Mature Student (but not as mature as moi, I'm sure!!):p!!!.....
  13. Oh I am in the same boat as you, Rox, even though I get the discount, but not so young and carefree anymore. All the more reason to celebrate every birthday with a new handbag; makes birthdays something to look forward to again!

    A friend of mine did a jewellery making course at the local college, a couple of evenings a week, and she managed to get a student card :smile: Not that I'm recommending getting onto a part-time course just for discounts though! :biggrin:
  14. Yay! :smile: We can be bag twins! I am so excited to see the pics!
  15. I'll be staying at home during uni as the uni course is going to be on my college campus and is only a 20 min walk away so theres no transport or anything to consider so there won't be any travel costs or rent so I'm pretty free to spend what I like. Going to try and spend as little of my grant as I can though so i can pay off my loan quicker.

    I had a look through that thread, thanks! I think I'm going to go down that route. A friend bought a sub Bays at Bicester for a lot less than at Bond St. and it was only something that cost her £2 to fix. I'll have to ring up Bicester before I leave to make sure they've got what I want, do you know if they put things by if you're definitely going to buy the bag?
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