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  1. It's always nothing like you expect when they come out of surgery.

    When my daughter came out last November, we were told that she would have some 'light bruising' around her eyes. She had two MASSIVE shiners, and blood streaming out from both tear ducts - like something out of a horror film.

    I'm sure if the doctors are happy, all will be well - although I completely understand how upset your SIL must have been!
  2. Glad she is out of the OR Riff. SIL's reaction is natural after all the stress you've all been through. Hope SM is as well as she can be when she comes round. Take care
  3. Oh Riff, I'm glad it went as planned - ITA fuzzog, just after the surgery is always beyond imagination and looks worse... I can totally understand your SIL's reaction though - take care!
  4. Glad to hear SM surgery is over. :hugs: to you, your SIL and brother
  5. Glad it all went well. She will be groggy for a while (I used to be an anesthetist but then had a career change). Your SILs reaction is understandable, no one wants to see their beautiful little girl have surgery. Is the incision bigger than expected?
    The shunt should do it's job quickly and the swelling go down ( I am assuming ghe poor little love had hydrocephalus) and she'll feel so much better

    All the best. X
  6. Staring out the window this afternoon- it doesnt seem to have stopped raining for a whole week now-its so miserable outside- Ive got to go down to head office tomorrow and trying to work out what to wear and what bags to take on the train is a trial-I need to cart a lot of stuff so will have no hands free for a brolly- and invariably despite having a booked seat they never actually seem to book it so I end up standing all the way laden with bags! Should at least be a bit lighter on the way back if I dump some stuff there
  7. ^^^ Spot on ML. She has 2 cancerous brain tumours in the brain stem and 2 NF1 tumours in the Cellebelum, with another one behind the right optic nerve and one on her spine. They are not too sure what has caused the swelling and my Bruv and SIL were originally told (and given handouts with images) that the incision would be behind the ear just on the hair line. Apparently from what I can make out its near the top of her head and alot bigger than what they were told.

    I'm just getting ready to leave work (could only get Wed - Fri off) so will know more in a few hrs. I've steeled myself for the worst so when I get there I know it's not going to be as bad as I expect and can therefore keep most of the emotion out of my face, if I react I know it will upset my SIL more.

    Thanks for the ongoing support x
  8. Good afternoon ladies. Nasty wet and windy day!

    Elvis - so glad you're feeling a little better today despite the morning-after champers effect.
    Riff - good news that the surgery is over and that SM will be rid of the nasty discomfort. She is such a brave princess. Hopefully she'll be be up and about soon and feeling much better.
  9. big hugs Riff- and remember to let it all out when you can - when you are on your own later- hope its better than you think
  10. RR - I'm glad it went as much to plan as possible. My thoughts are really with you, sending you a big squeeze.

    Elvis - I too have been staring out the window today, although it's such a grey misty/rainy day I should stop. It sounds like you need to take a cross-body bag, if you've got a lot to cart about. And ITA about tickets, I don't understand why even though seats are booked, you still end up without a seat!! It's an endless source of frustration for me.
  11. Elvis - I am so glad to realise you feel a little better - even with the champers "virus"! Lol.

    Fuzzog - I recently drank champagne that had sat in our wine rack for four years - you can tell we don't have a champagne lifestyle! It was fine - well more than fine - it was very fine indeed!

    Riff - I am also very glad to hear that the surgery is over. Your sil has probably been petrified about the operation and about the SM making it through and the shunt working for her. When she came out of the op - that was a huge relief for her - then she saw the incision which is not quite what she expected - the emotions of the whole thing are so huge (relief, fright, hurt that your child is going through this, helplessness) - it's like a balloon bursting suddenly - no wonder she was overwhelmed and upset. She will no doubt be a lot better when you see her, and if you need to have a wail too don't be afraid you are letting down the side by doing it - either with your family or back on here.

  12. Oh my....

    I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I'll be thinking of you and your little SM....

    Whenever you feel things get on top of you, it's important to let them out - in private, and even in public if the feeling grabs you. There's nothing wrong with emotion, and NOBODY would blame you for having emotions right now!!

    Sending you and her HUGE hugs.....

  13. Elvis (and everyone else) ,something to make you smile a bit (or directly laugh at me,you have my permission) I think I've hit a new low with my online sweets and chocolate buying,I made an order on Sunday on a german website and no,I don't speak any german so I keep getting this update emails which I don't understand a word of,I'm kind of assuming that one of them was a confirmation and the other a dispatch notification (at least that's what I hope) the things I do for chocolate :nogood:
  14. I must admit that a few months ago I was really upset over something - I was in a coffee shop and as the girl handed me my coffee I spilt it and she was so nice about cleaning it up for me - I started to cry. She was really lovely and told me she had cried in the bank a couple of weeks before - she was so stressed out and they wouldn't help her with something. I was glad that I wasn't the only one to do something like that in public. Tbh her problems were much worse than mine - would you believe she told me that her house had burned down a couple of months before that? Sometimes you just never know the stresses and strains that people are living with - sometimes it has to come out.
  15. Lol - Lorelei. I did something similiar when I ordered a dress from a French website. I got several emails before I realised from my school girl translations that the colour dress I ordered was sold out & would I like to try it in a different colour instead? I emailed back in pidgeon French and said yes. The dress arrived and it was too small so I had the trauma of emailing agin to explain and to send it back. Lesson learnt!
    Hope your choccies arrived safely!
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