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  2. Oh,do I get to open this one? :smile:
  3. Lorelei, what an honour for you on your last day of being 33! I'm 50 this year and can honestly say I regularly make bad decisions (especially impulse buys on eBay when I'm feeling low), so I don't think I'm getting any wiser and probably never will :lol:
  4. Thanks Sme,I have a feeling I could get to 80 and still feel as wise as when I was 15 :lol:
  5. Elvis - something else I hope will make you smile whilst drinking your coffee :hugs:
  6. I definitely don't think the phrase 'Live and Learn' applies to me :lolots:
  7. Nor me, I'm afraid.

    I think the only way I've changed since I was 16, is that I'm more tolerant these days. I would NEVER have put up with some of the rubbish I put up with these days, back then.....
  8. aw thanks Sme:biggrin:
    I am a little under the weather this morning tbh- note to self leave the champers alone when feeling a bit blue- two bottles disappeared last night - and then I realised OH was on the red wine as champers isnt really his cup of tea- whoops!! head is a bit sore this morning- which would be the morning I have boss asking me complicated tax things at 7.30 am

    But on a positive note -I have got myself more together now- thank you all for your support- and lola (and others) you have hit the nail on the head- I felt like a big sponge absorbing everyones problems and had just got to saturation point- and it all leaked out!! So sorry for being a moaner!!

    Riff- thinking of you- and hoping all has gone well
  9. A new chat thread - we do talk a lot don't we!!!!

    Glad you are feeling a bit better elvis - champagne sounds an excellent cure!
    But seriously, there is nothing wrong with having a good old moan or cry or feeling low. You are ALLOWED to feel down and you don't have to remain 'together' and in control all of the time. Don't apologise, I think you are amazing for lasting this long without a little wobble to be honest given all that has been going on in your world - especially the current situation with your nephew and poor SIL.
  10. Thx ML- I certainly dont feel it- I feel a bit stupid for being so weak when SIL is being so strong- I can cope with being ill myself - just feel useless when others are and I cant do anything to help
  11. It's not called 'moaning' it's called being human!!
  12. F- if you saw me this morning you might wonder about the human bit too!!
  13. Join the club!!

    I could give Worzel Gummidge a run for his money today!!
  14. :lolots:
  15. Hey fuzzog we must be twins! I have just booked a long overdue haircut and colour for two weeks today.

    Elvis, I'm pleased to hear you feeling more like yourself today and hope the head is feeling better. I have some champers saved for Friday night and might go a little wild myself.

    Riff - any news?
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