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  1. aww I dont think I have ever been called BETTER than chocs before :nuts: thanks babe. I am still here, honest ;)

    So next door neighbours daughter has just been serenaded by her boyfriend! I ofcourse should have not looked but I couldnt help it !!!! :yahoo: oh just the cutest thing EVER !!!!!! :heart:
  2. how exciting CB- how was she serenaded? What a brave boy!
  3. Was she embarrased CB? I would be :blush:
  4. Awwww loves young dream.
  5. Riff,I just read about the SM,kids are great at seeing the bright side,no homework indeed,bless her!, hope everything goes well for her
  6. Hi Elvis,

    so sorry to hear about the way you are feeling, but I think it stems from a sense of loss.

    Although your sil is still with us, you know that time is limited and it sounds to me very like I felt (and others who have lost someone very close, especially when they are pretty young). We expect to lose our parents, although that doesn't make it easier when the time comes, but it is hard when you feel that the person should have many years left to enjoy. I have always been a very decisive person and suddenly I became a ditherer and couldn't decide what to do for the best, about large decisions and also relatively small ones. I have three good friends who have also experienced very similar symptoms when members of their immediate family died young. Some people feel it is unfair, whereas I always felt that it was simply the way things are - no logic to it at all. The only advice I would give you is that you must give yourself time to mourn, which can vary hugely from person to person. They say up to two years, but I think it depends on whether you can be positive about the future for those who are left behind.

    One of my friends who lost her husband told me that she still has bad days, but there are fewer of them and this is so true.

    In the meanwhile take care of yourself and try to enjoy the small things around you.:hugs:
  7. Riff - It must be difficult to explain to such a young child but I am sure all will be well. Once she begins to recover from the op there will be no stopping her.
  8. Thinking of you SM and your brother and SIL riff.

  9. Men don't understand my dh also sees things in black and white. When I was feeling low lately the ladies here picked me I felt so low out of sorts and purely exhausted I think you are too. Your mind working overtime actually really drains you!
    I hope that your sil didn't notice the tension between you and your nephew I am sure he will come around soon. Imagine if you had told your nephew and it was sil who was not talking to you that would be harder as you said she has declined a lot.
    I am glad a good talk with your mum helped a bit. Being at work feeling low is horrible have a good cry it does make things feel a little better and LadyBo is right these things are here to try us and make us stronger.

    Big Hugs Diane xxxxx Get a check up it will put your mind at rest x

    Sending Elvis some chocolate buttons and the caramel ones!

    Riff thinking of the poor SM may everything go as well as possible, I am sure that God is watching down on her x
  10. Elvis, HipCity, Riff, CF, spider and nlicht, biggest of hugs your way!
    And Elvis, you're such a wonderful woman and you care for so many people. It's only natural that you feel everything gets overwhelming. Let me know if you need anything, perhaps a tlc package from Norway?

    Hope all your girls are having a lovely night! I'm off to bed, trying to sleep off a beginning flu.

  11. Feel better soon Thea x
  12. Thank you ;) Haven't been sick since autumn 2006 (and that wasn't flu but abcess in my throat that always came back after three rounds of antibiotics and one hospital sleepover each time), I won't be sick this time either!

    Oh, and CB, I'd totally listen on the serenading too! Soo sweet!
  13. Ladies - As ever thank you all for your best wishes and virtual hugs. She's 2nd on the list and going down at 9, I'll let you know how she is as soon as I do.
  14. I'll be thinking of you and SM at nine (our ten) o'clock riff =)

    I had something wrong with my hernia when I was nearly 4. And when I was going into surgery the doc put me first on the list, since I was the youngest. Well, he shouldn't have. I took my time to fall asleep by the medication, and my father was so embarrassed to see the docs getting more and more stressed as they would get behind schedule. All I did was telling jokes ;)
  15. What on earth is going on with TPF and doubles posts this evening :tdown:
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