~*~ Mulberry CHAT Thread! ~*~

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  1. Goodness nlichtman, what a horrendous experience - thank god for the ex-nurses as the "teacher" sounds completely useless.
    Hope you make a full recovery soon :flowers:
  2. Hi, quick hello from me, been busy this week but hope everybody is well??

    Having said that, Oh Nlichetman, big hug...

    Elvis, are you around, I just wanted to point this out... :smile:

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  3. Nlichtman hope you are fully recovered now, what a scary experience!
    Chat has been very quiet today (so far)...

  4. OMG I need one!!! how do I get hold of one!!
  5. How frightening for you!! hope you recover soon- take it easy hun
  6. Holy moly nlictman, how frightening. As a chemistry teacher I read this with disbelief and horror!
    Lola, you made me lol. DH announced over sunday lunch that he was growing a moustache next year for 'movember'! Its for prostate cancer or something. I shudder at the thought. He thinks it'l be hilarious, i think he'l look creepy!

  7. Fantastic!! thank you - one is winging its way to me!!! and have ordered one for Christmas for my friend in Memphis!!
  8. NLichtman, that sounds horrendous, thank god your fellow students were so quick thinking. you must be quite shaken up

    Lola 73 - my OH is growing an ill advised 'mexican bandit style' mustache for movember at the moment.

    We are going to york for the weekend to visit one of my oldest and best friends (and for my birthday - yay!!!!!!!!!!) and I had to text her to warn her about the facial hair
    I may have to have a sneaky little look in the york outlet for a birthday treat

    and have fun at the bicester meet everyone!!!!!
  9. :biggrin: glad to be of help!

    Midlandlass, sounds fab plan for you too at w/e, wishing you happy happy birthday in advance!

    Sounds like you have a rockin' weekend ahead. And so do many of the other ladies on here! :party:

    So sorry to hear about that whole experience, nlichtman. Sounds pretty scary! :hugs:
  11. Sj it is made of Phenol, silver and bromide I believe. My fil has a phd in chemistry and he said I was very lucky to not be blind! x
  12. nlichtman - you must have had a guardian angel looking after you, thank God!
  13. I know a couple of people asked me for discount for uggs here we go for www.shudoo.co.uk


  14. Awww nlichtman, sounds totally scary and horiffic!! Glad you're ok after all that!

    Happy birthday ML (and belated birthday wishes to the lovely thea!)
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