~*~ Mulberry CHAT Thread! ~*~

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  1. oops meant Sat Im a day ahead- not that I want tomorrow to be over and done or anything lol
  2. plum alexa in stock at my wardrobe!!
  3. annoying how they have so much good stock now there are no discount codes!
  4. Afternoon all. Hope your day us going better than expected Elvis.

    I'm in Cambridge and have spent a fortune - great timing during inpaid leave eh? I keep telling myself it's instead of a bag. I intended to buy some cheap black jeans but accidentally bought some 7s. Just hope they don't have any cheaper in Bicester on Sat as I want to wear them and need to turn them up.

    DH flew to Switzerland this morning very early start and he'll be back late. Just hope the girls are in a nice mood later.
  5. talking (to mysrlf today) of voucher codes I get a weekly email from vouchercodes.co.uk - there is a 25% off warehouse today - one day only , 25% off DP , 15 % off debenhams and a 50% off saks hair cut and finish if anyone is interested?
  6. Its tomorrow Lady Bo- well done on the shopping!!
  7. Oops. Feeling pleased as I didn't buy the booties!
  8. Good luck with the meeting Elvis. I'd love to brain that horrible boss of yours!

    Am sitting in the airport waiting on my flight to Edinburgh to meet my dh for a couple of days of child-free time. Looking forward to it. Posh hotel, posh restaurant, new dress! Only problem is my dh is growing a moustache for the month of November. It's for charity and I havent seen him for a couple of days. He may look like Burt Reynolds or Tom Selleck by now! My mother says it will be like being away with a new man! I can't imagine what she means by that!!! ;)
  9. ha ha - it will all add to the romance of the trip Lola- close your eyes if its bad!! Have a great time
  10. Update on my new neighbours for CB- the Dingles have now put a chicken run in their back garden- its like the good life3 round here- Im looking out for the pigs next!!
  11. A number of years ago my BF was one of a gang of lads at work who had their hair bleached for charity.... white hair, white goatee, but black eyebrows... :faint: I was glad when that grew out....!

    (looking like Tom Selleck would be alright though Lola!)
  12. Hope your meeting goes well tomorrow Elvis :hugs:
  13. Thx wulie - good to have someone on here I have been talking to myself all day!!
  14. ^ lol - not for long though I'm afraid - I must go and finish some work... :yucky:

    Off-site for a meeting tomorrow & then going straight to folks' place before the weekend so I've got to pack tonight as well.... I need inspiration!
  15. Hi guys, I am slowly recovering from my acid explosion.

    I am a third year photography student and doing my final year and dissertation.

    So yesterday we were learning to print on fabric with a special chemical (bear in mind my teacher is a little loopy and arty) The chemical is a solid and needs to be consistency of cream by putting the bottle into boiling water and wait til it reaches 60 degrees.
    So enlargers all ready teachers tells us chemical is all ready and she goes out of the darkroom a fellow student attempts to pour the chemical into a pot (so we can brush it onto the canvas and material) It wont seem to pour out so I bent down and looked to see if it was still solid and poof it exploded in my face!
    Cue panic and we frantically wash it off our skin and my throat and eye starts burning and I keep being sick and my two lovely fellow students who used to be nurses wash my face eye and skin continually, one of them tells the teacher we need to call an ambulance teahcer says she does not know if they can do that or how to do it!!!

    Well I was taken to the hospital thanks to my two fellow students who saved my eyes by washing them! I got home with one blurry eyes at just gone midnight! x
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