~*~ Mulberry CHAT Thread! ~*~

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  1. Previous thread blew right past 5k posts and is now archived.

    Enjoy your fresh start, please remember we can't discuss our items we wish to sell.
  2. Oh wow, new thread! I'm first - nothing to say, just I'm first! :P
    (other than Swanky of course - she's #1! ;) )
  3. CB, I think you are right. I'm not looking for the full time big corporate role again, I definitely want a work-life balance, so it'll be part time and freelance for me. I really wish I could be satisfied pottering around at home but it's just not for me.

    Bags, clothes and boots just seem more interesting in the a/w than the s/s, don't know why. Leah will be lovely when the weather changes, I'm feeling the same way about my mouse grey Daria satchel. She's tucked up ready to come out in October.
  4. I also agree about A/W being preferred clothes wise. I love layering and you can't really do that much in the summer plus summer clothes always seem crumpled and in some ways cheaper looking as lightweight doesn't always look quality IYKWIM. I do like summer colours though - turquoise, pinks etc and just don't do brown and green and many other autumnal colours. I also prefers boots and never seem to find stylish yet comfy sandals. I guess the only downside of A/W is that many Mulberry bags don't fit on my shoulder over my coats and so fit better in the summer.

    Its interesting about the work thing - I'm certain I could do the not working "thing". I can't do networking or politics and am not at all bothered about career advancement. I just wish they would leave me alone to do my job but they won't. I'd give up at the drop of a hat. Oh well no chance though so hope my appraisal is ok.
  5. I'm a mummy in disgrace at the moment. I was caught at the school dates this afternoon by someone who is a terrible chatterbox and I found it difficult to get away. Consequently I was 2 mins late arriving at the classroom and Leah was the only one left. She burst into tears when I arrived and said she didn't know where I was and thought she should be going with the childminder who had already left. She said I had never been late before so she was worried that I wasn't coming. A shortcake biccy and the promise of her fav dinner (macaroni cheese) has helped but she is still a bit teary. I could kick myself as I don't even like the lady who detained me.
  6. #6 Jul 19, 2010
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2010
    Aww, Blue, please don´t kick yourself! My son is just the same. On those rare occasions when he is the last one he will surely remind me of that. I don´t think he actually suffers from that, but it´s so unusual because I am usually early to pick him up. Hopefully macaroni and cheese will help Leah.

    Mamabenny and MSSW, I am really enjoying the summer weather. +25 degrees is great compared to the temperatures (over 30 degrees) we had last week. I´ve read we are having the hottest summer for 80 years now. I hope that the weather improves in Ireland!

    Re A/W clothing. I get usually fed up with all the light clothing and light colours during the summer. When A/W season hits the stores it feels so exciting and fresh.
  7. I'm another who loves A/W. Can't wait to drag the boots and cardies out!!!! Love scarves too- wear them all year round but somehow seems a tad more practical in the winter!!!!
  8. Im another autumn/winter fan. At least I know I'll get to wear them!

    Saying that it is scorching this afternoon here on Skye after a dismal start.
    Tee shirt weather.
    Dinner is at 17:30 !! Better get off and I'm having a long cold lager with it.:yahoo:
  9. Jealous hearing about all the fine weather- I think Ireland is the only country in Europe not experiencing the current heat wave.

    Blue- don't beat yourself up, my DS can turn on the tears at the drop of a hat.

    I'm lucky to have the best of both worlds as a teacher. While it's hectic during term time, the holidays are blissful:biggrin:

    corries- enjoy your dinner! Did Grape Alexa make it to Skye?
  10. Hi Girls ,
    well after my week in London , it's back down to earth now . Should be doing a million and one other things but have spent the day removing dead birds from the laundry room (YUK ) and looking down manholes even more YUK , the oak tree roots at the end of the drive have grown into the pipes causing mayhem !!! :nuts: what is it with men that clear waste/sewer lines , they always want you to inspect their work :sick:

    Hope everyone's enjoying the warm weather and here's hoping you gals in Ireland get some soon .
  11. Not only I am another A/W clothes fan,I also hate,hate warm weather and I would live happily ever after somewhere with 15ºC all year round so if any of the ladies wishing for heat want to do a house swap I offer an apartment in a gorgeous northern Spain city :graucho:
  12. Lorelei, it was - 20ºC here at winter, so I guess you are only interested in the spring and autumn tine for the house swap. :P

    How warm is it now in Spain?
  13. Of course mamabenny. I swanked all around Portree with her on Saturday, mostly under my mac to protect her from the rain.

    Nutmeg Paraty came too. My room is small on campus and I smell her the minute I walk in.
  14. Hahaha Sara,no I'm definitely not interested in the minus 20ºC lol,At the moment it's 25ºC in my town,down in the south they've been hitting around 40ºC in the last few days,the main problem I have here is the humidity,it's really high and I can't stand being a sweaty mess the minute I set foot outside,I am not a summer person at all
  15. Wow, new chat thread!

    I am also a lover of a/w clothing much more so than s/s - I just dont like bearing my flesh, being a bit of an old prude!:biggrin::biggrin: Plus a/w colours and styles seem to suit me better, and like Blue said, I like layering!
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