Mulberry champagne pink metallic -grainy leather

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  1. Hi

    Does anyone have a bag in this leather type? I'm not sure if it's going to be another bag that needs a lot of babying. I've read a few mixed reviews about the leather- has anyone held on to their bags and have they worked out??

    Thank you!
  2. There is a long locked wallet on fashionbloodhound that's showing some wear and there was a bag on eBay quite recently with the same kind of issues. So I'm assuming like a lot of the metallic leathers, it would probably be best for an occasional bag. Collonil do make a metallic leather spray that protects and preserves but you'd have to email Mulberry and ask what they recommend/if it's suitable I emailed CS quite recently about cracked metallic leather and Rebecca got back to me within a couple of hours, so it may be worth an ask.
  3. Hi New2Mulbs,

    I have the alexa shoulder clutch in the champagne metallic grainy lambskin. It is definitely NOT a frequent flier. There was another TPF member who had this bag and found the finish on the leather became discoloured even when the bag was just stored in the dustbag. Other members have also found it very delicate. The finish is damaged by rubbing, therefore the clutch is probably the better style to opt for. I spray mine with Collonil metallic finish spray every time I use far it is still pristine. :smile:
  4. Thanks both.

    Just as I suspected. Moo I found that thread a whole back where that poor TPF'er had all her hopes on the Alexa but it was not so great... I decided against it-pretty as the colour is I just can't justify it!!!

    Kerplunk, I ordered the metallic spray for my bays and lily but it hasn't come yet- apparently been "lost in the post" from
    supplier so should be sorted soon...

    Thanks as always- really don't know what I did before TPF! Feels like a little family here to ask for advice 😃
  5. Heeehee that's the I've I ordered that has "gone missing"
    I haven't taken my bays out yet for fear of wrecking her but Lily has been out for afternoon tea.

    Moo-you have the most bags of anyone ive ever seen (!) which leather do you think is the most durable and needs the least babying??
  6. Not Moo but patent leather's pretty durable, you don't have to panic about the rain either! :rain:
  7. Appreciate everyones opinion ;)
    I did like a light peach patent bays - but now not available anywhere. I always like the least practical ones!!

    I'll keep my eye out for patent anything- if you could do the same?? X
  8. There's a black patent Bays and a large blueberry Mitzy hobo on NP?
  9. I've seen the black bays- I like slightly unusual colours so not sure...

    The hobo is huuuuuuge- way to big for me. I think I want a bays or Alexa as my everyday bag or ideally a Daria satchel but haven't seen any of those in patent x
  10. The spazzalato Bays are gorge and crop up quite frequently on eBay, there's a raspberry one at atm but it's got a pen mark on the outside :sad: and there's a beautiful red patent one that keeps getting relisted but the sellers put it on for nearly a grand :pout:

    edit: just checked and she sold the red one for £600 :O, cheeky offers do sometimes work!
  11. :giggles: you need to see the collections of Mulberry Ellie and Elvisfan4life to name but two.....there are lots of big collections out there ;)
    Kerplunk is right, the crinkle patent is waterproof and fairly low maintenance, though patent bayswaters tend to it depends on the style of the bag. My pebbled mitzys are pretty hardy and my darwin bags are pretty bombproof :biggrin:
  12. I saw that spazzalato leather/ it looked beautiful but i wasn't too sure if the leather starts to crack as read some reviews saying that it could go alllll wrong! I dont know if I've seen the raspberry- that sounds nice!

    I know the pebbled leather is really tough/ I tried on a few mitzys and could tell that those weren't gonna crack or tear no matter what Heeheehee

    Ahhhhh moo if your collection is only mediocre I'd settle for mediocrity any day of the week :smile: x
  13. Moo, have you ever done a collection thread?

    Just thought, the Neelys were spongy patent weren't they? They're tdf too :smile:
  14. Neelys??! What are neelys?