Mulberry Carter bag - Anyone???

  1. hi if anyone sees the mulberry carter bag for sale - large like the one emma watson had - preferably in birds nest colour can you pm me ... thanks so much
  2. Hello

    There was one in harrods leeds a few weeks ago. Worth a try?
  3. Me again. There also was one in hoopers tunbridge wells just a week ago. Quite shocked these stores still had them as it was a style of autumn winter 2011. I know this as i was looking for the black version but both stores only had the birds nest large! Good luck and let me know how you get on

  4. thanks so much, hoopers is shut so will try on monday...there isnt a harrods in leeds so can you help?
  5. Sorry silly me I didn't mean harrods! I meant harvey nicks! But that one was about three weeks ago. I think hoopers would be a better bet

  6. Yes i pre empted that and rang harvey nicks. they have one priced at £600 but the hardware is scratched...i'm trying to get it as a gift for my friend who had her chanel reissue camera bag stolen, apparently they are similar (I dont know) but the mulberry is a lot cheaper but dont know about buying if the hardware is damaged...i suppose its been knocking around for a year. im in london so i cant get to see it, none of the london stores have it and i have tried mulberry bicester and shepton mallet. maybe will wait to ring hoopers on monday...thanks so much.
  7. Yeah I am shocked those stores still have it to be honest! The outlets should be receiving stock from a year ago now and I previously rung them about a black one and they said if they get any it will be over the next few weeks. Keep ringing all of the outlets and hope for the best if hoopers no longer has it. You are welcome and good luck again! :smile:
  8. I dont have a phone number or anything, but I'm pretty sure Hoopers in Torquay had one on friday.
  9. Just purchased a carter from fleabay. I really hope I LOVE it! I know it is not everybody's cup of tea. But i think it is a versatile bag that will go with lots of outfits! Roll on tomorrow!!
  10. Fabulous! I loved the birds nest carter - double handled one. I saw that one on eBay and was very tempted!
  11. I am shocked at what reduced prices they are being offered on eBay because no one particularly wants them I think. I bought the black double handled.
  12. Can't wait to see. The Carter wasn't to everyones liking but it sounds like you have a bargain out of it, so even better :smile:
  13. I really like the style of the carter, I can see why it may not have been to everybody's liking though as it doesn't look like usual Mulberry style IMO.

    Kiren looking forward to seeing the latest addition to your already gorgeous collection!
  14. I bought one of these in the sale in Dec but Im afraid I sent it right back- it was the birds nest nappa and the leather was so bad imo - as it was a new bag I dreaded to see how the leather would age as it didnt even look good new - I didnt like how the bag looked on either- it didnt hang well and just looked like a bad chanel look a liketo me - just not for me at all as Im a fussy so and so and prefer structured classic looking bags but I guess if they are going at much better prices on fleabay they are a good deal
  15. Yeah - I'm rather a little undecided about the nappa on the Carter too - it does look a tad flimsy, which just seems to go against the style of the bag which I feel is sort of attempting to be structured and really deserves a thicker leather which would hold shape better - but just mho...:smile: