Mulberry Canvas Blenheim

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  1. Has anyone heard of Blenheim Canvas with a mustard leather straps and a brown canvas. I bought it from a seller on e-bay three months ago. She told me that she bought it from Young Ideas in Derbyshire last year. I will try and sort out pictures later. It does appear genuine but some days I am not sure maybe because I got it for a bargain £50.00 and she paid £295.00 for it.
  2. I am sure I saw something similar to this a while ago in the York Outlet Store.

    It may have been £295.00 retail but she may not have paid that! Also the canvas ones will not be as coverted as the leather which is Mulberrys signature style.

    Post pictures and we will try and help!:smile:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. There is a canvas blenheim and roxanne in the same colourway as the listing you posted and also in a beige and burgundy colourway. Not great sellers for Mulberry, which, assuming the bag you bought is genuine, may account for the fact that you got it at such a good price, as many people find it a little subjective.
  5. Thanks all. The bag is genuine
  6. ^^ Excellent;)
  7. It is a beautiful bag. I know it was not a good seller but I have had a lot of compliments about the bag.:tup: