Mulberry Camel - anybody owns?

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  1. Im on the lookout for an Mulberry regular Lily in Camel croc printed but I have never actually seen this color "in real life".

    Anybody that owns a Mulberry bag in Camel color that can tell me how you like the color and if its easy to match?

    These are some pics my SA sent me and i found online:

    Oxblood and Camel

    Taupe Lily and Camel

    Lady on instagram with bag.
  2. I'm mulberry newbie, but my first mulberry was actually this bag! The color is very nice! Somewhat caramelly but not super dark. Very natural color. It's relatively easy to match, as it goes with natural leather and most tans and camels. Also its a great size as well!

    Good luck on your hunt!

    IMG_9051.JPG IMG_8241.JPG I'm a
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  3. Oh yours is lovely! Is it the "medium" size? How has the leather and croc pattern hold up? Im worried that it Will get creases (spelling?) on the Top of the flap from opening/closing.

    Would you mind taking a photo of the Inside of the bag? Online i see it can be dark of light lined. Thank you so much!
  4. Whee! I have a medium lily in camel embossed print too. :biggrin: The lining is light color.
    My lily has only been used once so far, since I rotated my bags very fast nowadays. So unable to say how it holds up.
  5. Sorry I didn't get back to you! Yes it is the medium size, and the lining is a light microfiber. It has held up quite well. I've used her for about a month and aside from a few scratches on the hardware, you can barely tell!
  6. Thank you! Happy to hear that cant wait until i get home so i can buy myself this bag!! :smile: already have two mini Lilys that i didnt being with me on holiday and i miss them like crasy. Yes its crasy to miss a bag...
  7. Very nice with the light lining but now im super scared of Making any Marks to it :smile: need to buy myself a Love Lolo liner asap!