Mulberry cadogan

  1. Does anyone have one of these? they are a barrel shaped bag with shoulder strap and fasten with a postmans lock fully lined rio leather opinions welome thankyou
  2. [​IMG]
    This is all I could find when I googled it,but it does'nt really fit your description,do you have any pics you can post???xx
  3. My god, that is the spit of LV's Alma!
  4. Also looks like a Hermes Bolide!

  6. Ok,I have found these for you,hope they help you??I'll check in later if you post and see how you're getting on,ok?xxxx
  7. Bayley 39 - your avatar is my bag!! (and Zooba's too!) Do you have an ivy bayswater too?????
  8. I'm really not getting this photo thing at all i will try and gain some technology help from someone and fingers crossed i will be able to post. x
  9. ref ivy bayswater yep have one and love it to bits i paid lots for it though and when i saw it in the outlet for a reduction i could have kicked myself x
  10. someone was talking about black annies i read and posted a web address i looked on and the ivy bayswater is at £620 but it says it comes with a lock -mine didn't did yours? x
  11. No, the ivy is a special and doesn't come with the lock. You can order the lock cadena for around $50 from Mulberry.

    Is chaz's picture close to what you are looking for?
  12. how do i see chaz's pic i am really just getting into this phot bit and finding whos who x
  13. i've wanted a bayswater for ages but didn't want a run of the mill always look for that little extra to be a bit different and the leaves i found were just the tonic. do you get many compliments on yours? x
  14. the photo chaz posted is not the bag in question thanks for asking

  15. hello! i got my ivy bayswater for xmas so haven't used it that much yet. I do love that it's a bit different but am thinking it might look funny using it in the summer- but then I might just not care!! No- mine didn't come with a lock either but not sure I'd use it if i had one.:p