Mulberry by Rafe?

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    I have an old genuine Mulberry bag and inside the bag is this kind of text.

    Is its Rafe or Rofe? Does anyone know who the designer is and how old the bag is?

  2. Not sure hon,try calling a Mulberry shop and see if they can give you a clue,but there are some very knowledgable ladies on here tho. Could you post pics of the whole bag? I'm curious and I'd love to see it!!!xxxxxxx
  3. I think it's Roger saul
  4. That's what I thought, too. He definitely designed the bags himself in the beginning - so you could have a very special item! And I would also love to see a pic of the whole bag!
  5. I agree, would love to see a picture of the bag:smile:

  6. Yup, Roger Saul.....original designer/owner of the company!
    And indeed, we would love to see a pic of the entire bag.
  7. Hi...yes it is Roger Saul....he founded the Mulberry company in 1971 (untill he left after a boardroom battle in 2002), selling leather belts initially.....your bag is from the 1990's, looks like it is black congo (does it have chunky silver mulberry buckles?).....he put his name to several designs, also the Mulberry medallion should have his signature on it as well....would love to see a full pic of the bag.
  8. I used Google and found Roger Saul but I think that signature doesn't mean him.



  9. Roger Saul and his wife used to design the bags when they first started the company. It's pretty hard to find a bag with his signature on the label now so that's an unusual piece.
    I have an old Helier in congo and mine has the tartan lining - I used to love it. Still think it's a shame they dropped it.
    The Sauls are still in the SM area and have gone into organic skincare now.
  10. That is just lush!!! Wow,how did you come about this lovely thing,if you don't mind me asking???
  11. what a nice piece you have there! you can always visit a mulberry store and show them the bag and ask some info about it! would love a report too :smile: TIA
  12. Thats a gorgeous bag, it's definitely Roger Saul, I've sold a few vintage bags in that range....also in pale lemon and turquoise leather, really gorgeous, I'll try and find the pics and post them here.
  13. Here they are....all by Roger Saul/Mulberry in the same range.
    PIC_0040-3.jpg PIC_0079-3.jpg PIC_0093-1.jpg
  14. Lovely bags!! Claudia123 - I know who you are now!!! Seen your lovelies on eBay!! Soo excited to know who I deal with!!!
  15. Thank you:smile:...I just luuuuuurve Mulberry bags and have gained a bit of knowledge on the pre 2002 Mulberry's....the latest ones like mables etc I also love but haven't a clue how to spot authentics, so it's great to have this forum with all you fellow Mulberryites :yahoo: