Mulberry Brooke

  1. I bought my very 1st Mulberry today. It is the black darwin Brooke. 1st off, what is darwin leather? 2nd- how do you wear your Brooke? On yor arm? shoulder? Do you remove the chain and loop it like a wristlette? It was so pretty, could not pass it by for $199. Have you ever seen them for a better price?
    mulberry.JPG mulberry2.JPG
  2. Congrats on your beautiful Brooke, what a great price! You would normally wear it as a shoulderbag, and Darwin in the name of Mulberrys signature leather - you'll find many styles in Darwin leather. They also have other leather types, like glove (soft and slouchy), kenya (croco pattern), antique glace (heat treated and shiny) and many others. Darwin ages nicely, it is supposed to look a bit "vintage" after a while. The lighter colours, like oak (tan) normally show signs of age faster than the darker like black or chocolate.
  3. Hi, congrats on your Brooke! I have it in Darwin Ginger. I wear it as a shoulder bag and it's brill, just be careful with the chain on light colours it can some times mark your fabric.
  4. I like your Brooke - it really suits you :tup:

    The cheapest I've seen it, up until now, is £149, so around $300. You've got yourself a bargain :yahoo:
  5. Thank you DitaB! I think it is really nice!
  6. Wow I have never seen it that cheap! Lucky you!
  7. You did good! What an awesome price!
  8. If anyone else has a Brooke- please post pics! I'd love to see!
  9. Great price :tup: Congratulations. I had to get rid of my Brooke :crybaby: I could not wear it on my shoulder with comfort.
  10. A posting here said the strap gets hot... it really does. WOW.
    I was in the train station and it picked up my body heat I guess, it was in the 90's outside, it felt sooo hot, I had to hold it in my hand. It is so beautiful though and I keep petting the leather. I really want a larger Mulberry now- any recommendations for shoulder bags in black darwin leather...that are easy to open? Like just a zipper?
  11. How about the Somerset shoulderbag? Its slightly larger than the Brooke, with zipper top. Or the Somerset hobo, if you want something a bit bigger.
  12. if you want a BIG bag , go for the bayswater , ultimate mulberry .
  13. I really like the maxi maybell bag. So gorgeous. I just can not buy goat skin, I love the goats!
  14. such a lovely bag for such a great price!! enjoy your baby:smile:!!!
  15. yeah,go for the bayswater!! it's a great bag-you will not regret it!