Mulberry Brooke - Vanilla - authentic??

  1. I have seen that color in the Nordstroms in the US. It's a beautiful color. I am hopeless at authenticating bags.

    Maybe someobody else can help you out.
  2. What's with the blury logo? That alone makes me think it's dodgy.

    They've also sold a few of them.
  3. Lescoy maybe you coud ask them for some more pics of the logo?
  4. The inside logo is similar to my Mulberry, but the color of "Mulberry" is off... maybe because I don't have the Brooke. The hardware studs have the Mulberry bush on them, so that makes it look authentic. Fakes are such good copies that I've sworn off eBay and other second-hand sites. I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful!