Mulberry Brooke Bronze...Should I keep?

  1. Hi. I ordered Mulberry Brooke in Bronze from NAP. I am thinking whether I should keep it. The dilemma is I am not sure whether metallic leather will peel off or get tarnished, i.e. when rub against shirt (it's a shoulder bag). Actually some part of it come off due to the sharp NAP tag thingy. Anyone has any experience with Metallic leather from Mulberry? And what about the Brooke look and experience? Thanks.
  2. :confused1:
  3. I love the Brooke - though the chain can be cold on your shoulder!

    As for the bronze I have never had a metallic bag so can't help you there - sorry:smile:
  4. Can't help with the bronze, but be careful with the chain and white jackets- my Brook's chain handle marked my lovely white Jacket (I always now clean the handle before wearing)
  5. The bronze on the bayswaters does wear on the edges fairly quickly !
  6. It is a cute bag.
  7. Hi I've never posted here before but my opinion on the bronze Brooke. Keep it! The bronze metallic will rub in places over time but the leather underneath is specially chosen to compliment this and looks like a design feature. As with all Mulberry bags they only get better with time and use. The metalliic is no exception to this. If in doubt contact Mulberry yourself for clarification. I'm trying to get hold of a bronze Ledbury myself. I would say definately keep it as if you don't you will kick yourself when they've all sold out and you can't get it again. It's sure to be one of the collectables of the future anyway so you've got nothing to lose.
  8. As mentioned above, the bronze coating will certainly wear and maybe quite soon. It all depends whether you mind this. Only you can decide.
  9. I have a metallic Bayswater.. it does wear out slightly on the edges but not in the overall leather, unless it's been scratched like you said with the tag thingy. I've been using it every day for almost a year and it still looks great ;) HTH
  10. I happen to really like the bronze color. I'm wearing my bronze champagne Kooba Marcelle right now and I love it. You can see that it will get wear marks eventually depending on how you use and abuse her, but I love it. Keep it and think about it....
  11. I would keep her.
  12. Keep it! The metallics are so cool! I think it is the perfect bag for the fall season. But of course it's a matter of taste
  13. IcedMulberry, I totally agree - I know this is an old post, but the interest in Brooke doesn't seem to wane - only yesterday and today I've been chatting about it's desirability with a lovely fellow TPFer - I lost out on one (also metallic) yesterday and am tempted with the Oak one on at the moment. Being a Roxanne obsessive, I have increasingly been drawn to Brooke with her lovely thick, immaculately stitched leather (it looks Darwinny to me, would you agree), and as to the durability of the metallic finish, I would say it probably (definitely) gets better over time with a lovely worn in patina as the leather is so thick and sumptuous - the one I lost out on was beautiful, used, but, as the seller pointed out, "worn in" - not worn out - with a lovely aged bronze look. I don't think that sort of leather would get too worn (now metallic snakeskin - another matter - and I know there have been issues with peeling, etc....but I digress - Brooke is gorgeous - and I am on a hunt for the next metallic that pops up on eBay!!!..I reckon she's eminently collectible!...