Mulberry Bracelets

  1. Thank you, IWantANewBag :flowers:. I like the teddy one too, but haven't worn it as yet. Had it in my mind it is for the summer, but summer doesn't seem to have been delivered yet :nogood:
  2. Regarding the size and fit of them ..... they are quite small, i mentioned this back when i bought the double wrap and when the pink peace friendship bracelet arrived even more so.

    I have a petite frame and these are small - even for me, there's very little spare room on your wrist when you're wearing them.
    This does indeed make them not great for a hot day - i won't wear the double wrap on hot days because they make me feel 'claustrophobic' and 'trapped' and as i've mentioned i just hate fitted bracelets/bangles.
  3. :ty: that would be amazing :biggrin:

    He looks a bit miserable at the moment, poor thing isn't very keen on this weather!!! :sad:
  4. That's really helpful Millicat thanks, I always have trouble with bracelets being too big as I have stupidly tiny wrists... So these should be fine! :biggrin:
  5. I've just measured my wrist and it's 15cm circumference - for your reference.
  6. It's too bad that you don't like fitted bracelets, but great news for me since I almost always find bracelets too large and loose! Have to start thinking of getting a Mulberry one... :graucho:
  7. Thanks for the info Plemont! I am jealous, I am a long way from Bicester so no chance of me seeing the Pandora outlet. I love your necklace, very pretty. The gold spacers are a very glamorous touch. I have a metal bracelet, a pink leather bracelet and a leather tie necklace. I love changing my beads around. Xx
  8. Bayswater bracelet

  9. Just hopped onto here - lovely bracelets Millicat......and Roma yours are gorgeous too.

    Plemont - love your Pandora necklace....v elegant!.....I used to be a great fan of Trollbeads - had loads as worked for a stockist.....had a break from them for a while but this has inspired me to get them out and start wearing again....
  10. I've got used to the close fit of the bracelet now and wear it with all of my bags that are in the brown colour spectrum, aswell as wearing it as a contrast colour.
    I'm really pleased i kept it !
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    Loving all the bracelets!

    Last week I got this, really pleased with it!
    image-3343842618.jpg image-344055946.jpg
  12. That looks really cute on, much better than the pictures I think. I also absolutely love the detailing in the dress/skirt you're wearing!
  13. Ah thank you, the bracelet is very delicate - I m really year of the pig but wanted the dog more!

    My dress was from the ASOS salon range x
  14. I love fitted bracelets and have my eye on a Bayswater in black suede or a Polly Push Lock bracelet in black soft spongy. I make macrame bracelets with Chinese Knotting thread with silver or gold plated rings. If they get tatty I just make another!