Mulberry Bow items

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  1. I think I'm developing a bit of an addiction to the Mulberry items with bows on. :cool:
    I have the long wallet in black and now after a trip to the Mulberry outlet in York I'm getting the bow clutch wallet in poppy red for Christmas. It was reduced to £199 and just has a few scuffs. Is it sad I'm counting down the months already??

    Please can you show me your bow items? Pretty please? :biggrin:

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  2. Lovely can you add to the outlet stock thread and let us know what bargains were at York in the sale?
  3. I can't remember much but I'll try! tried not to examine too many things so I wouldn't buy them (which kinda worked...)
  4. I don't have any bow items yet but they are really pretty so I'm subbing for pics :smile:
  5. Wow, you have to wait til Christmas? That must be so difficult! But yes, the bow collection is absolutely stunning.I have 3 items and they were all impulse buys. I knew I had to have them the moment I saw them!:loveeyes: I'll see if I can round them up for a little family portrait tomorrow!
  6. That would be great thank you. I know, might have to bump it up to my birthday in October!
  7. Very lovely! I bought a pink bow bracelet from the bicester outlet the other day that I have to wait until my birthday in September for. The bows are so pretty.
  8. I would! Haha! But I'm incredibly unpatient. And here are my bow items! A pouch, a clutch and a bracelet. I have a thing for pink apparently...

  9. Pink suits the bows really well, they look pretty and feminine :smile:
  10. Love your bow collection, the colours look lovely together :smile:
  11. Love the Mulberry bow items. Good luck waiting until Christmas :giggles:
  12. Lovely photo, thank you. I might need to get a matching bracelet at some point... it's a slippery slope!
  13. Thanks - it's so far away!