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  1. Hello, i bought this bag from Ebay for £350 , the item number is 162127487480, user name miljan-hnbclqix
    The buyer showed her original receipt of purchase.....HOWEVER, when i received the bag, the receipt was for an OAK Effie East West hobo and not a black one.
    The bag looks beautiful , and if it wasnt for the receipt giving me a niggling doubt , i would be extremely happy .
    Please help me authenticate the bag.
    The serial number is 1774541.
    I have the sellers blessing to check the bags authenticity as she is 100 % that she bought it ( see receipt photo for where it was purchased ) and it IT IS GENUINE .

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  2. The seller does have a 100 % feedback and writes very eloquently .
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.