Mulberry beginners collection...

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  1. Hi there :smile: I have been chatting with many of you so I thought I would share with you my small collection of Mulberry. I am looking to grow it but thought this was a good start.

    First up is the Chocolate Baywater and the Continental Wallet in Chocolate.
    Second is Mushroom Bayswater (love the color).
    Third is the Beatrice Purse in Mushroom.

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  2. You're too modest Tegan - that's a lovely collection you have there!!
  3. Lovely!!
    I love the mushroom colour too :biggrin:
  4. great collection congrats!
  5. Thank you so much. I will be honest and I have a Roxanne in Darwin Oak that I am waiting to arrive that i purchased from ebay. I really wanted to start my collection with the Icons. I also am waiting for the Medium Mitzy to come into the NYC store as that looks incredible!

    I am just loving Mulberry and so glad I found it!!
  6. Beautiful start to your Mulberry life Tegan - lovely choices, and great that you love the mushroom so much that you have gone for the purse and the bag. It really is such a lovely neautral colour :smile:
  7. fantastic choices - a beautiful collection!
  8. Beautiful - perfect choices for style & colour! :yahoo: I love Bays!
  9. What a fabulous family you already have :biggrin: and great news that it's continuing to grow, that's what we like to hear! :nuts:
  10. Very nice! May a lot of Mulberries follow ;)
  11. Beautiful family, that mushroom Bays is just TDF! Hope you love Roxy when she arrives :amuse:
  12. I would call that a fabulous start Tegan. Loving the mushroom colour.
  13. Two gorgeous bags and purses, covering all eventualities. I'd say you're well on the Mulberry Way. The mushroom bays is stunning. Lookinh forward to your Roxy reveal. Hope it's soon
  14. I checked the website as the seller gave me the tracking information. It says that the package arrived at my post office at 4:38 am today. So, I am hoping I receive my Roxy today.... I am in great anticipation. I am so excited!:yahoo:
  15. I also have to tell all of you, and even those not on this thread, that everybody is so nice and I am so happy I found this forum. It is so nice to know that there are wonderful women out there who understand each other, especially our handbag obsessions :smile:

    You are all very kind and just a pleasure to chat with.