Mulberry bayswaters from outlets in UK

  1. I'm still lusting after an oak or chocolate bayswater but I'm assuming that these colours from the outlet stores would be seconds. Anyone purchased a 'second' and if so what was 'wrong' with the bag? Are you happy with your purchase or do you wish you'd saved up and bought a full price bag?
    I've thought of buying off e-bay but have been scammed in the past and also expect that lots of the bags on there are probably from the outlets anyway!
  2. Try a trip to Bicester Village, I love walking into the Mulberry shop there, the smell is amazing.

    The bags I've seen in the shop in Bicester do not look like seconds just end of line. Try calling the shop and asking what they have in stock and if the stock is seconds. Tel No is: 01869 322 882
  3. Mulberry don't sell seconds, they call them 'sub' and some items may have a label on the hanging tag to that effect. In my opinion, and I buy a lot of Mulberry, those marked Sub can be better than those from Mulberry's own full price stores and from Harrods/Selfridges etc. Some I have seen in full price stores, I would never buy as they are badly marked or the leather is very uneven in grain.

    Some items in the outlets/factory shop will be customer returns or past season stock. Other items are made specifically for those stores and are not available in their full price stores, and are perfect.
  4. I bought an Oak recently and there was nothing wrong with it that I could find. There were some scuff marks on the leather as it marks easily but no more than there would have been in a full price retail store. I'm very happy with my purchase - and I wouldn't have wanted to buy it at full price!
  5. What do you think the chances are of finding a chocolate bayswater in one of the outlets?
  6. I would call all of them and if they don't have one, they should put you on their waiting list.
  7. Thanks jazzyjay - I didn't know they do a waiting list!
  8. Hi,

    I live in Ireland and we don't have any Mulberry Factories or Outlets here. Would they deliver if you ordered over the phone? If so would any one have numbers etc? I am a new lover of Mulberry and currently have a Blenheim and an Emmy but I would love love love a Bayswater in Black. I'd like to see what they get in the outlets though.

    Any help would be great. Thanks:heart:
  9. I think I read the Bicester outlet does mail order. Is that correct?
  10. All the outlets do mail order (Bicester, Shepton Mallet & York). You can get the phone numbers from

    I don't know if they ship overseas - you should call & ask them. They use UPS for deliveries so I don't see why they wouldn't, though.

    Only thing to bear in mind is that they don't do refunds - only exchanges. If the item you're purchasing is a sub (second) or has minor scratching, etc, you're relying on the SA's description before you purchase.

    I've only ordered one item from the outlet (although about to place another order :drool:) and it arrived in perfect condition.

    I was at Bicester a couple of weeks ago and the majority of the bags looked perfect enough to me (on a quick inspection). The only ones that stood out were the two Mabels they had - they looked very badly scratched and, personally, there's no way I'd have bought them. However, they are a brand new line and won't be reduced for a while - if you're not bothered about the scratches (after all, they'll get battered enough once you start using them), it's a good way of getting them at around a 40% discount.

    But, getting back OT, there were lots of Bayswaters (can't remember the colours, I'm afraid) and they all looked exactly like the Bayswaters I've seen in stores ie great condition.
  11. Hi Claudia, thanks for that. I just called Bicester and they do deliver but only to mainland UK but this is helpful anyway as I can always get it delivered to a friend there. They also said that they occassionally get in black Bayswaters which is great and they have Oak at the moment and are getting on all their 2006 / 2007 stock. They have Bayswaters in Oak for £346.

    If anyone is looking for a bargain give them a call!

    Thanks also Ditab, that's so helpful. I will give them all a call and see what is in stock. I didn't realise the discounts were so good. I guess I could also get a courier to pick up the bag there and ship it to me! Always a way!
  12. Uh, I am very curious to know that too... We don't have any Mulberry outlets here in Denmark either.
    Thanks :smile:
  13. Hi - York had a chocolate bayswater last week - £346. Give them a call they are so helpful!:yes:
  14. Uh oh! That sounds dangerous for me!!
  15. Shepton is probably the best for price and they usually have a good number of Bayswaters especially in choc, oak and black. They will mail out to the UK for around £7. When I was there they had Alanas and Emmys for £247, can't remember the price of Bayswaters but think it was around £300.