Mulberry Bayswater

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  1. Does anyone own this handbag. If so. What do you think about. I was thinking about purchasing it.
  2. Ooh i love this bag! In fact, I just bought two in the last week... one pink and one green. Fortunately for me, they were both on sale so I got them at a good price. The bag is very spacious and the leather is lovely. It's such a nice classic bag to have.
  3. I have it in black and love it. It is large enough for when I need to bring a lot of papers and yet not to big for just a trip into town. The leather is wonderful and my last Mulberry lasted me 15 years ( and that was with very tough abuse as a diaper bag during the years my children grew up ) so with care I think I will always have this Bayswater. I also feel it is such a classic, slightly understated bag that looks good in any company.
  4. i luuurve my Mulberry Bayswater in black darwin!! it is such a classic bag and looks good in both casual and professional clothes. :yes: The leather is sooooo luxurious and you don't have to baby it so much! Its a great everyday bag for me.:love: LOVE IT!!:heart:
  5. Love it too!..the only 2 small negatives are, it is slightly heavy and the flap may curl alittle. Otherwise, it really is a beautiful bag! :love:
    (32) Mulberry Bayswater Leather Tote - 995.JPG
  6. I love this bag too -- perfect work bag! HazelSarah: Where did you find them on sale?
  7. I got them in a store in Singapore, for S$680 each. That's about US$420 per bag? Good deal eh! =)
  8. US$420 per bag? It sounds too good to be true, you are very lucky, I wish I was there! You sure is the Mulberry Bayswater?
  9. This is the bag I was thinking about purchasing! Good looking handbag.
  10. Thanks everyone! This is the information I was looking for. Any suggestions of sources to purchase and if I could get it on sale?
  11. I bought mine from Berfdorf and it was on sale for $420. I have the apple green tooled one and I love it. My only complaint is it is difficult to close and open. maybe I just don't have enought stuff in it.
  12. Hi, does anyone have a picture of the flap curling on the bayswater? I keep hearing about it, but I'm not really sure what it looks like. It'll help me make my decision to buy it! Thanks!
  13. About curling flaps: this could be a problem with the bags in darwin leather, which is softer and curls easier. If you chose a thicker or more structured leather ( the congo or the antique glacé) the flaps dont curl. But it's also a matter of how you handle your bag - if you are careful not to bend or twist the flaps when opening/closing the bag, it should not be a problem.
  14. Hi...May i know which Singapoe store you bought the bag from?
  15. I've been wondering... how does the Bayswater look with the flap tucked in? Anybody have a picture?
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