Mulberry Bayswater

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  1. Mulberry was founded by Roger Saul in 1971 in Somerset, England and called the Mulberry Company.....he started with leather belts selling to department stores.....their bags were made of sturdy leather and they created a tough, durable material called scotchgrain, all in a quintessential English style. All the bags were originally made in England, but now are made in China, Turkey, Spain as well as England.

    In 2002 he was ousted as chairman by Ong Beng Seng and Christina Ong, he now runs a farm in Somerset.

    The Bayswater, Roxannes etc have proved a massive hit with the it bag crowd......but I still have a passion for vintage Mulberrys, they don't make em like they used to;)
  2. Thank you soooo much excentric920, i just ordered it!!! you just saved me £200 thanks!!!!!!! :smile:
  3. You're so welcome laurenmcd24 I'm so happy I could help! :smile:
    Don't forget to post pics when it arrives!!
    I’m So happy for you!!
  4. I will, I'm so excited this is my first mulberry I've been lusting over the bayswaters for ageeees, and now to get it on sale....its great....soo glad i joined tPF or i would never have got it! :smile:
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