Mulberry Bayswater

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  1. I have a black Bayswater in the antique glacé leather, and it says "made in Spain". The label is located to the right, inside the bag. It's sewn in the back seam, on the side of the bag, and looks like a small leather loop. When I first saw this label, I thought it was meant to stick a pen in it.

    I agree that the bag is somewhat heavy, but I use mine as an everyday briefcase and it's quite roomy. I can carry my laptop, a book, a writing pad + all the essentials (wallet, agenda, cellphone, keys, lipstick etc).

    I do find that the small pockets do not hold all my stuff, so I would normally carry a makeup bag where I have all the small items like keys, lipstick etc. or I would choose a big wallet where I could also put my smaller things.

    I love this bag and the leather def. gets better with use - and even more so if you choose the darwin leather. If you want a black bag, you might also want to consider the congo leather (croco-print and a bit more structured then the darwin).

    I went to the Mulberry store yesterday, to drool over the rose bayswater - a lush, deep pink colour - TDF! (And i dont even like pink)

    And have you seen the new, pre-fall two coloured bayswater on the website? A beautyful black and chestnut combination, with beaded tassels on the sides - I relly like it on the website, but haven't seen one irl yet.
  2. My black darwin bayswater says "made in england" in white stitching against black background. love this bag coz you don't have to baby it so much. it is my everyday work bag.:love:
  3. The black darwin bayswater is quite hard to come by. Mostly,you see the black in congo leather or in the antique glace (which is also really cool).

    You are lucky,Luna!!
  4. kate looks so good with her bayswater ;) i was planning to get a muse choc but after i saw bayswater i wanted this more :love:

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  5. Mulberry is an English company started (I think) in the 1970's. I had a chat to the assisstant in the mulberry shop near oxford street a while back and apparentley not all their bags are made in England. They have a factory near Bath in the south west of the country where all there leather is taken for quality testing then some may be sent abroad for the actual manafacture of the bag - Turkey and China were the two places she mentioned. They also have a factory shop attatched to the factory selling slight seconds - I plan to head down there in the next six months or so and have a look so I will post a thread for everyone re. the discounts etc-. Hope this answers some of your questions!
  6. As I understand it, Mulberry was set up in the 1970s. Their even up until the late 1990s was limited to classic designs manufactured in their trademark scotchgrain leather or congo leather with plaid lining inside.

    The label really took off again when they got Luella Bartley to design the Gisele bag - and sold it under the Mulberry label. They followed this with the Bayswater and Roxanne bags.

    The Darwin leather bags, like my Bayswater, tend to be manufactured in England. However, the newer nappa leather designs such as the Araline (which was featured in almost all the UK magazines when launched in December 2005), are manufactured in China. I had to return my baby blue Araline when I realised how impractical it was for me - the leather feels really fragile.
  7. Does anyone know what leather Kate Moss's bayswater is?
  8. It's the regular Darwin leather in black. This leather is the classic Mulberry leather that developes a beatiful patina over time.

    I have a Bayswater in Darwin leather (Oak color) and I love it :tup:
  9. Yep Mulberry was born in 1971 I believe

    They manufacture bags in Turkey, China and England.

    Kate Moss's Bayswater is in the Darwin leather.

    Vicky - I have seen the new Bayswater IRL - It is gorgoeus but I prefer in just one colour:smile:
  10. Thanks baggiegirl and RachelA!!

    I just ordered a Bayswater in Vanilla Darwin of Net-A-Porter. It's a present for my mother. I hope she will like it!
  11. ^^ Congrats - can't wait to see pictures:smile:
  12. Mulberry is an English company but their bags can now be made in Turkey , Chain , Spain , Turkey ....
  13. Hi, does anyone knwo where i can get a vanilla bayswater, i know they had some in the nap sale but theyre sold out :sad:
  14. I just check NAP like 2 seconds ago and they still had them... just go check it out again!

    I purchased one from he NAP sale and it should get here on monday im so excited!!
  15. I just checked again but I can't see it.....could you post a link or something? :smile:
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