Mulberry Bayswater

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  1. hi guys does any of you own a bayswater ? im looking at one right now and it looks very nice :heart: is this a heavy bag and could someone pls post the size ;) thanks guys :love:
  2. I have the bayswater in black darwin. It is definitely not a light bag but definitely not too heavy that you can't get used to. I've had mine for a while now and i still love it to bits.:heart: The leather is luxurious and thick and you can wear it with everything. One thing about this bag is it could be a chore opening and closing the flap everything time you reach for something.:noworry:

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  3. thanks luna ;) i almost ordered now tru their website but i stopped bec i need to know if its heavy (im very particular with the bags that i carry it has to light, otherwise it will worsen my back problems ) :sad: is it roomy or does it have partitions inside? pls post pic on how it looks inside i havent seen one irl :shame:
  4. I have a Bayswater too from last Spring in a baby blue. Its a great everyday work bag, especially if you carry around lots of stuff like I do.:yes:

    Size from the Mulberry website is 25cm x 36cm x 16cm.

    They actually have quite a decent website:
  5. hi tigger do you consider your bayswater a heavy bag ? :sad: how does it age ? does it scratch easily ? :rolleyes:
  6. I agree with luna that it is not a light bag but then again, it is not too heavy. The leather is very durable and it is definitely one of those everyday bags you don't have to worry too much about. It has aged pretty well considering how often I use it. It does have that slight worn-in look, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

    In terms of compartments, it only has one roomy compartment. But it does have some pockets on the inside back of the bag - one larger one (around 10" x 4.75") which is enough to fit in your mobile phone and house keys and 2 smaller pockets attached to the front of that "large" pocket. Sorry if this is difficult to follow - but it is a little tricky trying to describe.

    The concept of the bag is really based on the Hermes Birkin and therefore it has the usual lock and key (if you want to use it - I don't) and adjustable straps which can either reduce or enlarge the bag's opening.

    I found this picture on ebay. Hopefully this will help you decide.;)
  7. thanks so much tigger :roflmfao: i love it its very roomy :heart: im going to email back this sa of she said she might be able to locate me a black bayswater will update you guys if she finds me one :yes:
  8. sorry to be off topic. I am interested in the Mulberry too. I know the company is in the UK right? I was more curious where are their bags made/ manufactured. Anyone know? Is it on their label? I can't seem to find it on their website.

  9. I am fairly sure that they are made in England, I have seen pictures from their factory there. I have recently gotten a Bayswater in black darwin and must confess I love it. Yes, it is slightly heavy but not too much and it has the right size to be used to work since I can fit my papers in there. It has the kind of design that looks good almost with anything. The new Bayswater for fall that you can see on their website in black with accents in lighter colour is TDF.

  10. Here's some pics of the bag inside. You can see the two pockets are quite "slim" so you can't really pack things in these pockets. A cellphone and lipgloss in each pocket would be fine. There is a zip pocket behind the two front pockets. :cool: The adjustable straps are really useful for days when you just need to carry your room around with you. On lighter days, they can be adjusted back to a sleek looking carryall day bag.

    Sorry my images are kinda blur. i am in the office and do not have a decent camera with me.:biggrin:

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  11. thanks so much for the pics luna ;) i love it :heart: im hoping to get a black one too
  12. isnt it also fashioned in italy or am i just completely pulling that out of my arse..
  13. you are welcomed! good luck finding this bag. I have heard that the black bayswater has been discontinued though. But i'm sure there are still some around.
  14. How long has Mulberry been around? I think I love every bag I've ever seen of theirs. The price makes me cringe but a Mulberry may have to be my next big purchase.
  15. They have been around for some time. I read that Kate Moss loved them so much that she actually walked into the shop and bought a Bayswater. They didn't give it to her.
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